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The Best 5 Financial Apps for iOS


The Best 5 Financial Apps for iOS

Mobile devices are used for all sorts of things that includes life management and as well as fun these days, as they evolve beyond simply being used to communicate with others. People are even using their smartphones to sort out their everyday lifestyle issues including organizing their finances. Most banks and large financial institutions have their apps that allow users to manage their accounts on the go. Here are the top 5 financial apps available for iOS devices.


Paypal logo

PayPal had long been a successful online-based method of payment but the release of this app on the iOS platform has opened it up to the mobile market. It can be financed through Visa, Mastercard, and a range of other credit and debit cards. It allows users to send money anywhere in the world instantly with the app giving users the chance to send, spend, and receive money at a glance.

All of the main PayPal tools are available to use on this app. Sending money requests and paying another individual is just as easy as it is online. The revamped home screen also makes it easier for users to access their balance, activity, and key actions. The send and request money sections are also customisable with a built-in phone book included to make finding a recipient easier. The notifications and ability to view up to 3 years of previous transactions ensures that every angle is covered.


toshl-logo1 copy

It might have a strange name and look bizarre but this is one of the best financial management apps on the market for the iOS platform. It takes full advantage of cloud technology to give users the most efficient user experience they could want. It comes with a free built-in online syncing service to keep track of expenses and payments that adds to its easy-to-use set up.

The design might seem complex at first but is easy to get to grips with and there is also the chance to upgrade with multiple users support for budgeting for the family, export options to include Google Docs, PDF files, and Excel documents, and karma points to support the developers. It’s a bit different but brilliant.

You can find more information about Toshl on or in the app page.



Plus500 is a popular online broker. It has several trading platforms, offering services on all relevant online channels, including mobile devices. The Plus500 Webtrader is considered the leading CFD trading platform today.

The plus500 iOS app gives users the chance to trade CFDs on Forex, Indices, Stocks, Gold, Oil, and Silver at any time of day and anywhere in the world. There is the option to buy and sell CFDs online including NASDAQ shares, London Stock Exchange shares, New York Stock Exchange shares, and a large number of other stock exchanges.

The availability of real-time market quotes from the most popular stocks across the world and the ability to practice trading with an unlimited free demo account has helped to make it the must-have financial trading app on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices.


mint logo

Arguably the most recognizable app on the iOS platform, this app gives users the chance to keep an organized hold of their finances. It automatically updates the income and expenses of the user’s finances without any user input. This is done by connecting to the financial accounts of the users through its secure syncing system.

A number of aspects can be added by users including savings, check payments, and even financial plans for the future such as retirement or investments. It also provides notifications so users know when payments are due to go out. It is also absolutely free!


If there is one financial management app that has flown under the radar it is this one. If you are keen to start budgeting more effectively then this app is worth the $1.99 payment to download it. It delivers an extra depth by allowing users to customize their payments with images and notes. It also goes the extra yard to give it more substance than other financial management apps. An example of this is the currency converter that is particularly popular with business users or frequent travelers.

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