How To View Instagram Stories, Highlights, Posts And Reels Anonymously?

Imagine viewing your former colleague’s Instagram stories, highlights, posts, and reels anonymously through your Mac or iPhone. Interestingly, the tool is free of charge, and users are not required to register or log in. Also, users can download and save content without recording or storing any data, making it 100% anonymous. 

The article below will teach you how to view Instagram anonymously. Imagine gaining anonymous access to Instagram stories, highlights, and posts by your ex or your business competitor on your Mac or iPhone. Just keep reading to know exactly what to do. 

Why Couldn’t Users Watch IG Stories Anonymously?

Instagrammers used the following orthodox methods in the past to access Instagram anonymously. It is, however, no longer necessary to use these methods.

Airplane Mode

In the past, a popular way to view Instagram anonymously was by turning gadgets into airplane mode. When airplane mode is enabled, Internet connectivity is disrupted, which makes it difficult for the phone to connect to Instagram servers. As a result of several stories being posted with the method not working, the anonymity of the posters was threatened because they weren’t sure if they could view Instagram without being noticed.

Anonymous Instagram Account

Creating a pseudo account used to be a popular way to view Instagram anonymously, and it remains one of the most popular ways to do so. Switching accounts when a user wants to go incognito isn’t as simple as it seems, and users often end up viewing and commenting with the wrong accounts, thus exposing their identities. Only devices that support twin apps or devices used by multiple people should be considered.

The above two methods were unsuccessful, so the popular IG stories viewer service was created that enabled users to view Instagram stories without logging into their accounts.

What are IG Stories Viewers?

An anonymous Instagram story or post can be viewed, downloaded, and browsed using these software services. They offer fast, free, reliable, easy-to-use, and accessible services for iOS, Androids, and PC devices. There is no need to register or log in, as IG stories can be viewed without an account. Users are anonymous on IG since no data is recorded or stored online.

Method 1: Best Instagram Stories Viewers for PC, Android, and IOS

Over the last several years, social media has become increasingly popular for sharing personal stories. Due to its widespread use, several independent tools have been developed to allow people to read news stories anonymously online. There is a security risk associated with their ability to access your information. The is available on iOS and Android devices and on Android Insta Story Stalker.

Apps such as these only let you read articles that are publicly available. Storiesig allows anonymous access to Instagram Stories on iPhone, but many Android apps don’t support them. You’ll need an Instagram Story reader to view and save public Stories on Instagram. In specific variants, you can download your profile picture.

Worldwide, people have been able to share important moments in their lives using the platform. Narratives can now include visual elements. As far as we know, there is no option to download or save your Instagram history within the App. InstaStories allows users to copy and save highlights and stories from Instagram quickly and discreetly.

You can read and download Instagram stories with our Instagram Highlights Saver software and store them on your smartphone anonymously. There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues with our online App because it works on any device.

#1. can be accessed for free. Insta-stories can be viewed, downloaded, and saved online without creating an Instagram account, registering, or logging in to an Instagram account. The instagram story viewer is not associated with Instagram. Instagram stories can be viewed online in different languages thanks to this amazing online software. You can browse through Instagram stories quickly and easily with the Instagram stories viewer.


  • Visit websites anonymously
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • There is no need to register.
  • No need for an Instagram account
  • There are variants in several languages.
  • The option to download stories, images, videos, IGTV, and highlights
  • Download in formats other than MP4 and JPEG.
  • Quickly loading

Step-by-step guide: How to view Instagram Accounts anonymously via Instastories. watch

1. First, copy the desired username.

To view an Instagram Story anonymously, you must first copy the profile’s username. For instance: OR Cristiano OR @cristiano 

2. Paste the following into the the search box.

3. The Anonymous Instagram User

You’ll be taken to a page ( where you may view all of the Instagram user’s publicly available information after typing your preferred username into the search box above.

4. Downloading Instagram Stories, Posts, and Reels.

Open the article or post from your preferred Instagram account to download it. There is a “Download” button in the language of your choice at the bottom. When you click it, it will instantly download to your phone and PC (where videos and photographs are saved to the Downloads folder). The downloaded content may be found in the Gallery on your iPhone or Android device’s Downloads folder.

#2. Stories. me is an Instagram story highlights viewing software that tracks public Instagram story highlights, reels, and posts anonymously. You can access the service without creating an Instagram account or registering and view insta stories.

In addition to its fast download speed, can save Stories in both iPhone and Android Instagram viewers, MP4 and web formats, and available post data and multiple languages. Therefore, if you’re unhappy with the content, you’ll be able to remove it.


  • Visit websites anonymously
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • There is no need to register.
  • No need for an Instagram account
  • There are variants in several languages.
  • The option to download stories, images, videos, IGTV, and highlights
  • Download in formats other than MP4 and JPEG.
  • Quickly loading
  • Free service 

Step-by-step guide: How to watch Instagram Accounts anonymously via

1. Username or Instagram URL to copy.

To view an Instagram profile anonymously, copy the name or URL (for example, badgalriri, @badgalriri, or

2. Paste it into the search bar in step two.

Just enter after pasting the username and URL into the search box.

3. Anonymously access Instagram Stories and Posts.

After pressing enter, you will be taken to their profile, where you can watch all of their Instagram posts, IGTV Reels, Instagram Stories, and highlights without having to sign into your account or even create one.

4. Take use of your downloads!

Click on the item to download the article or post. At the top or bottom, there is a “Download” button. It immediately downloads to your phone or desktop when you click the button.

Method 2: Turn on Flight Mode

Viewing Instagram stories in Airplane mode is another way to watch them anonymously. Whether connected to Wi-Fi or not, Instagram can automatically preload several stories for instant viewing. As a result, you should be able to watch Instagram stories anonymously. 

You can also play someone’s story by opening your Instagram app, their profile, putting your phone in flight mode, and then clicking their story. The story will update once the phone connects to the Internet.

Method 3: Use an Alternative Account for IG

Using an unfamiliar Instagram account to watch Instagram stories anonymously might be a good idea. Viewing friends’ IG stories with another Instagram account will not be visible to them. The easiest way to watch friends’ stories is to create an additional Instagram account, log in with this account, find them, and follow them.


Can I watch IG anonymously?

The Instagram platform does not allow you to watch IG entirely anonymously. You can use an alternate Instagram profile to watch IG anonymously, or you can use third-party apps or websites to watch IG anonymously.

Can I download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

Using Stories, there is a way to download Instagram highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously. No user data is stored in the App, so it guarantees privacy for all users.

Can I view the Instagram accounts that blocked me?

Instagram stories viewers allow you to view blocked Instagram accounts on your iPhone, desktop computer, or android device. This online software is free and straightforward to use, and it lets users see Instagram stories without creating an account.

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