5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Development

You cannot have a complete app marketing strategy if it does not comprise mobile marketing. In 2018, mobile marketing is, in fact, the most important of all forms of marketing as the largest share of consumers use mobile devices than any other kinds of devices. Since the mobile phone is so personal, the information being sent to it can often be perceived with sensitivity. This is why you need to be extra careful if you want to get mobile app marketing right. There are several mistakes you should stay away from. The following are some of the most important.

Overlooking App Testing

There are numerous app testing procedures that certify that your app is ready for the market. Mobile app testing procedures are detailed and they go over all the necessary checks needed to make an accessible by users. As a marketing strategy, you should ensure that the app is tested for:

  • Usability
  • Keyword search optimization
  • Proper algorithm

All these features make it easier to market your app. You should have a plan for app testing so that your marketing strategy can be easy and cost-effective.

Building an App Without a Solid Marketing Plan

Secondly, the marketing plan should be created even before the app has been launched. The ideal strategy is to build the app while creating a marketing plan. Doing this ensures that the transition from development to promotion is smooth. The first few weeks of your app in the app store are crucial and the number of downloads garnered in that period is determined by your app marketing strategy.

Mimicking the Desktop Experience

A lot of app owners tend to equate mobile apps to desktop apps. This is, however, a huge mistake since the mobile platform is vastly different from desktops. A completely new strategy is needed when developing applications for the mobile phone. A mobile user has for instance little patience for extremely detailed designs even though the opposite is true for a desktop user. The experiences of mobile users should thus be considered when a marketing strategy for a mobile app is being formulated.

Underestimating the Power of Constant Upgrades

Many app owners assume that the number of users they gain at the initial stages of the app will continue using the app indefinitely. This is not true though as app users look for new things every once in a while. Continuous design changes, notifications, and review of user feedback will thus be crucial for the long-term marketing strategy. You should prioritize having a constant relationship with the app users.

Making Radical Changes to the App

Finally, it is important to stay focused on specific goals. The application should always stay authentic and the marketing strategies should also support this. When the core user base of the app is ignored and disengaged, the application can lose users quickly. One of the easiest ways to lose the core user base is by making huge changes to either the application or its marketing strategies. In as much as upgrades are great, the basic objectives of the app should not be changed.

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