How To Use Wireless CarPlay In The Car

For drivers, a huge number of accessories, technologies, as well as other useful things that make traveling easier appear every year. We used to have to buy cassettes as well as CDs to listen to music in vehicles. However, today everything is much simpler. 

Now we have smart cars and smartphones. iPhone owners no longer have to worry about listening to their favorite music or new music hits while driving, since they can use CarPlay technology. Using this technology, drivers can connect their iPhones to the vehicle and not only listen to music but also use many different applications. 

Many people know that this feature can be connected if you use a cable. However, you can also do this wirelessly, although it may not be as easy. If you’d like to try this feature wirelessly, we’ll walk you through how you can do it. 

Why can’t I use CarPlay? 

Don’t expect cars to be able to use this feature because they aren’t that smart. First, to find out if you can use this feature, you need to make sure that your infotainment system is compatible with this technology. 

Other drivers may wonder why they can’t use this technology without using a wire, even if they have Bluetooth. The answer can be quite complex. 

It all depends on what car you have. A wireless network connection is possible, but your vehicle must have specific equipment. If using a traditional receiver, you can connect to it wirelessly, then you may have an unreliable level of data transfer processing for the stable operation of CarPlay. 

For everything to work correctly, you need not only Bluetooth but also Wi-Fi in your vehicle. Other than that, you must also have a dual-band router. 

However, there are other ways to enable this feature. We will tell you more about them.

What you can do 

Use the right vehicle 

The easiest solution is to buy a car that supports CarPlay wireless connection by default. If you are considering buying a new vehicle, then you should look into Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and also Toyota. However, not every model will fit. Before making a choice, you need to consult with a dealer center specialist. In addition, the car must not have been produced before 2017. Specifications for different vehicles may also vary. 

The good news is that when traveling, you can easily rent the right car and connect to CarPlay wirelessly. Renty offers a wide range of modern luxury cars that you can rent at an affordable price. Car rental managers will offer you the best rental cars in which you can use CarPlay without any problems. Renting a car is perfect for road trips. While not everyone has the opportunity to buy a new car, you can rent a car anywhere in the world.

Use a receiver 

This option is great for those who are not going to buy a new vehicle. All you have to do is look for a receiver like CarLinkKit, which can convert a wired CarPlay system into a wireless CarPlay system. This will allow you to use this technology, even if your car does not offer such functionality. 

However, you should keep in mind that not every receiver will suit you. Unfortunately, the range of suitable receivers is limited, but there is no shortage of them. 

You can install this device yourself, although it may take you a lot of time. It is best to turn to specialists who will help you do everything without problems. After you install the device, you can use this function wirelessly. 

Use an adapter 

In search of the cheapest solution, you may consider using a special adapter. These adapters are not sold in official stores that specialize in Apple products, so you should be extremely careful. 

Using an adapter, you can connect CarPlay to your infotainment system. Many users claim that there is a possibility of device incompatibility. To avoid any problems, you should explore all the options before buying to find the most reliable one. 


Not all iPhone owners have the opportunity to use the CarPlay function wirelessly. Much depends on whether your vehicle has specific equipment. If there is no such equipment, then you can try using a receiver or purchase a special adapter. Before choosing a device, read the reviews of other users. So, you can make sure that you buy a high-quality device and will not encounter many problems. 

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