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How to activate Nightmode on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

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How to activate Nightmode on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

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If you are like most people and use your iPhone or iPad in bed then chances are you find the screen too bright even with the lowest brightness settings. There are many jailbreak tweaks that allow users to achieve even lower brightness than what iOS offers by default, however if you are not jailbroken things aren’t that easy. That is if you don’t know about the neat little trick hidden deep inside the Accessibility options, which lets you reduce the display brightness and effectively have a default nightmode on your device, without jailbreak.

How to activate Nightmode on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

  • Open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility.
  • Now tap on ‘Zoom’ option and enable it from the next screen. From the same page enable the ‘Show Controller’ option as well.

Nightmode iOS 8 (2)

  • You will now see a button on your screen, tap on it. Now a popup menu will appear, push the slider at the bottom of it to the left.
  • Next tap on the ‘Choose Filter’ option and select ‘Low Light’. After doing so tap anywhere on the screen to remove the popup. Now turn off both Zoom and Show Control toggles.

Nightmode iOS 8 (3)

  • Go back to the ‘Accessibility’ page and scroll down until you find the ‘Accessibility Shortcut’ option. Tap on it and from the next screen tap on ‘Zoom’ option. That’s it.

Nightmode iOS 8 (1)

Now triple press the home button and you should be able to enable the ‘nightmode’ on your iOS device. It will make the screen even dimmer than the lowest brightness settings, which will make using the device at night much more convenient. To disable the nightmode mode triple tap the home button again.

  • Talukdar shaheb

    Thanks a lot for your post. But will it be same as the night shift mode? One more thing this won’t be able to protect my eyes from harmful blue light. So I think it is better to go for a screen protector like “ocushiled” which can protect our eyes from harmful blue light and also helps us to sleep well.

  • Mr. V.V.D.

    Thanks a lot for this

  • Arsalan Kazmi

    This is just a lower brightness mode – for a better night mode set the filter to Grayscale Inverted instead.

    • Icebreakerr

      But its grey

  • fattyz

    Totally awesome I have been searching this for months even the jailbreak tweaks don’t do this because the web pages are still bright white. Invert colors is ok but not really if you are using the switcher a lot. This at least makes it less painful to look at. I think I’ll be able to attach it to activator gesture and all will be ok 😀

  • Senpai

    Magic 😀

    • Senpai


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