How to create invisible folders on homescreen to store secret apps without jailbreak

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When it comes to customizations there are very few things jailbreak users can’t do, however opposite is true for those who do not have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Despite the limitations every now and then a new hack or trick comes along that allows users to do something that is not supported by iOS officially. Today we have got a useful how to guide for you, which lets you do exactly that. With this trick you will be able to have invisible folders on your iOS homescreen and store secret apps in it, without even jailbreaking your device.

How to create invisible folders without jailbreak

First of all download the following wallpaper on your iOS device and set it on your homescreen. You can do so from Settings > Wallpapers. Tap and hold on the image to download it. Alternatively, you can use a white wallpaper, which would produce a similar effect.


Once you have changed the wallpaper, open Settings > General > Accessibility and from there tap on Increase Contrast. Now from the menu on the next page enable ‘Reduce Transparency’ option.

After you have turned the ‘Reduce Transparency’ toggle on, the folders will seemingly disappear and so will the dock background. However you will still be able to see the icon labels for the folders. You can also hide the labels, just follow our guide here.

Now that folder labels and icon background have disappeared, now its time to hide the icons for apps that are placed inside them. To do so, you will need to download this free app, using it you can create invisible blank app icons. You can do so by opening the App Icons Free app and going to Create Icon > Go to Link. Now tap on Photo and select the grey wallpaper from the camera roll.

Fill out the information by adding a ‘.’ to where it says to type the URL and hit install. Hit install again. Follow the on screen instructions to add the newly created icon to the homescreen. You can enter ‘.’ as icon’s label when adding it through Safari.

Once your new icon has been added to the homescreen, move it into the ‘invisible’ folder. Now move all other apps to the second page of the folder while keeping the blank icon on the first. Exit the folder.

That’s it! Now you have a secret invisible folder that no one else can see. We know it is a long procedure, but if you really want to hide the Tinder app from your friends, then you have to do this. Things would have been simpler if only you were jailbroken.

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