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How to fix TaiG jailbreak when stuck at 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and more

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How to fix TaiG jailbreak when stuck at 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and more

iOS 8.3 jailbreak TaiG

TaiG 2.0 tool with iOS 8.3 jailbreak support has been released, and we are sure most users who were waiting for the jailbreak have already downloaded it to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While the tool works fine many users have been encountering different issues with tool getting stuck at 20%, 30%, 40% etc. In this post we will tell you how you can troubleshoot TaiG jailbreak and solve different errors that includes 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 1105 and more.

Fix TaiG error -1101

The error -1101 occurs when the jailbreak setup is stuck at 20%. This error can be fixed by simply downgrading the iTunes to an earlier version. A complete guide for solving this error is available here.

Update: Newly released TaiG 2.1.3 features fix for this error. Use this guide to get rid of this error.

Fix TaiG error -1102

This error occurs when you haven’t turned off the Touch ID or Passcode, as instructed in our iOS 8.3 jailbreak guide. This can also be solved by turning on the Airplane mode on the device.

Fix TaiG Error -1103

If you are getting the 1103 error then your TaiG tool file is corrupted. Download it again from this link and try again.

Fix TaiG Error -1104

If your jailbreak setup is stuck at 30 or 40% then you will be getting the 1104 error. You can solve this by plugging your device into a different USB port on your computer. If that doesn’t work then you can also try running the jailbreak process on a different machine.

Fix TaiG Error -1105

If your setup is stuck at 50% then chances are you haven’t turned off the Find My iPhone on your device, as instructed on our iOS 8.3 jailbreak guide. Another reason for this error can be that your computer’s antivirus or firewall software is blocking TaiG. Try disabling them and try again.

Fix ‘Jailbreak Failed’ error

If you are getting the Jailbreak Failed error then try turning off the Wi-Fi on your device and then try again.

Fix the Injecting error

If your setup is stuck at the 60% mark then chances are you haven’t started TaiG tool in Windows’ Administrator mode, as instructed in our guide as well. If that’s the case then restart your computer and the iOS device, run the program in admin mode by right clicking on it and try again.

Another way of fixing this issue is restoring the iOS device using iTunes and then trying again. Make sure you backup your device before doing so.

Fix ‘Apple Drive hasn’t been found’

Users who are using a 64-bit version of Windows may get this error while installing the 32-bit version of iTunes on their computer. Try downloading the 64-bit version (link) instead.

Fixing error that occurs during iTunes 12.0.1 installation in Virtual Machine

If you are a Mac user who has been using Windows version of TaiG 2.0 in a Virtual Machine then you might be getting an error while installing the iTunes 12.0.1. If that’s the case then try reinstalling the Parallels Tool on your Mac and then try again.

[Source: 25PP via RedmondPie]

  • jhon

    i try airplaine mode for error 1102 and i dont have any passcode on my ipad it doesnt work anyone can help me please ?

    • Chaouki

      me too i have the same problém 🙁

      • DarkSouls

        fully restart the device. (power it off, wait a minute, power it back on).
        Had some rough times with my phone. If that doesn’t work, backup, restore using default firmware, restore using backing then try again.
        Also you need to make sure that the iCloud ‘Find my phone’ is disabled (not sure if iPads have that or not).

        • Kirk

          Nothing is working stuck again n again n again can’t understand why u release a program that is so buggy WTF

    • gothika

      Make sure that you have a real full backup, I used a full local iTunes backup (make sure you choose encrypted because then it also backs up your keychain and Health data) and not just the iCloud backup because 1) I don’t have Google Fibre and so it would take hours to download 20gb of apps and data and 2) I find it to be more reliable

      Also make sure you have got a full backup of your Jailbreakey stuff using pkgbackup or something like that and save your backup to your dropbox.

      You do a full restore. As a new iPhone/iPad. Then once that is done. don’t even bother swiping and setting up at the Hello Hola screen with all the Hellos in different languages. Just plug your device into your Windows computer or your Mac running windows as a virtual machine and run Taig.

      You should then see it jailbreak successfully, without getting stuck at a specific percentage.

      Open Cydia and let it respring.

      Then choose to sync your phone with iTunes and choose the backup that you used. It will install all your apps and stuff

      Install pkgbackup and restore your backup

      If you are forced run into to safe mode, open Cydia and uninstall Activator because it isn’t ready yet for iOS 8.4 (sad face because I love activator but I’m sure that Ryan will have an update as soon as he can)

      Now if you want you can turn on and use iCloud backup again.

      • Brandon

        This method worked for me. ios 8.4. on windows 8. Kept getting stuck at 60% until i did this.

  • unknown-123

    I had error -1104 but it was stuck on 50%? help me please

    • Wong Yi Kai

      Same here too

  • sdasda

    This taig BS does not work. FUCK U TAIG. Wasted 3 hours trying to figure it out…im so pissed. All jailbreaks are easy but these guys managed to mess it up. iOS 8.4 from itunes, downgraded itunes 12.0.1, restored, everything off, airplane… wat ever i give up. update your shit

    • andy

      Same here
      fucking bullshit!!!
      I’m doing this just to downgrade back to ios 6.1.3
      Fucking waste of my 4 hours.

      • Chris Smith

        Are you using Win 8? Will not work past Win 7

  • ifooafrica_adm

    I am using a Mac Pro with Windows 7 X64 in a VM. I tried using an XP VM first but that kept rebooting at 40% and then eventually failed. Tried and succeeded first time on the Windows 7 X64 VM.

  • John


  • yuki

    it works at my iphone5 8.3
    but i cant jailbreak my iphone6 8.3
    i do all the step but still error

    turn off passcore fine my iphone
    i do airplane mode

  • jason hirsh

    ok I have done the circuit I am running the JB has administrator on a Window 98 VM I have diabled passcode find the iphone turned off wifi on Ipad and put Ipad in airplane mode this got me stuck at 30% with various error codes (1102 1103) finally cleaned up space on the ipad and VM so i had 6G available on both this has gotten me to wow 40% where i have a loop between start data processing waiting for data processing the succes follow by jailbreak faili When trying again at died at 30% with an 1102 error I know this is freeware but I would happily pay for a JB THAT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

  • jason hirsh

    OK I have done the following: turned off wifi on IPAD and computer, put IPAD in airplane mode, disabled passcode, disabled find mu iphone, running the jailbreak as administrator, freed space up on the VM and the IPAD both have over 6 g space available the last change, freeing space got me passed being stuck at 30% to a loop at 40% between several starts data processing then hang at waiting for processing result the “success”

  • AJ

    It worked but does anybody have a outdated version of cydia?

  • Nick

    Had the same issues but signing out completely from icloud worked for me

  • gustav kislinger

    you gotta have a whole lotta patience kept trying for 4 hours and finally got my ipad jailbroken, however my iphone wont get jailbroken…i ll keep trying th

  • taigsucks

    hate this shit fuck you taig fix your shit so people will actually want to use it

  • Jordan Zdimirovic

    Make sure you don’t turn off your internet on your computer. As you may have realised, the TAiG file is very small, which means that it couldn’t possibly hold the jailbreak files.

    Also if it doesn’t work, it might have been because of an OTA update (Over The Air) which sometimes doesn’t allow the files to be injected. If you did do an OTA update, unfortunately you will have to wait for iOS 9 jailbreak or iOS 8.4.1

    • Turn off iCloud

    • Turn on Airplane Mode

    • Clear R.A.M (multitasking windows)

    Once you’ve tried all of the above options, and it still doesn’t work, try PP jailbreak for 8.1.x

    If this doesn’t work, you are very unlucky : (

    Hope this helped ; )

    Edit: Oh… and also make sure that you unlock the device when it reboots 😀

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