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How to install AppSync 7.0+ on iOS 7 Cydia


How to install AppSync 7.0+ on iOS 7 Cydia

AppSync 7-0 iOS 7

iOS 7 jailbreak is out and with it comes Cydia with all its goodness. One of the most popular Cydia tweaks is AppSync, which is used by a large number of iOS jailbreakers who use it for good and bad purposes. We are not going to get into that stuff and we are going to leave its use up to you.

As jailbreak for iOS 7.0+ is available so is AppSync 7.0+ allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to install unofficial apps on their devices. In this post we are going to show you how you can install AppSync 7.0+ for iOS 7 on your jailbroken device.

Note: This post is for informational purposes only, we DO NOT support piracy. Bad people do piracy!

Disclaimer: For legal purposes we have removed the contents of this article. As it has already been mentioned we at iOS Hacker do not support or promote piracy. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • Sheldon

    It works!!

    • Syachrul

      crash on safari,mail,calculatorm weather,and stock app

      • salemwarrior

        i did not install the appsync yet but my safari and mail crashes too any solutions?

        • B17AL-V

          Mail and Safari crash fix IOS7 Jailbreak

          • TestSubject

            Twitter can’t find the page “Sorry that page doesn’t exist”…Got a better link?

        • Imaad Junaidi

          Happens to me to. PLZ SOMEBODY HELP!

          • McMac

            Just reboot the device

        • Beckham Mehrez

          your jailbreak is unthethered. you have to boot it thethered .;)

          • TestSubject

            You keep saying “boot it thethered” but what does that even mean? Are you talking about restarting it like you would a device that is thethered? I mean there is absolutely no way someone who is asking for how to even get apps on his iDevice after installing appsync to know what the hell “Boot it Thethered” even means. Do you just boot it like you would as normal? Pls explain.

        • MrHydraGaming

          You will need iFile for the fix, just search Reddit/r/jailbreak, they have solutions for the fix, it’s so simple

  • dimitjen

    does it work on iphone 5s

  • jaso

    yes all phones/pads

  • Oscarbpt

    I get an error 🙁

    • Try a again. May take a few tries.

  • josh

    it says it will not support 5sīŧŸ

  • josh

    now after initialling it how do i get applications on my device. plz help me i am very new to jailbreaks. thank you

    • someone

      All you have to do is sync cracked apps onto your device there are various websites that you can use to download cracked apps for instance on google you can search
      ‘download (name of cracked app).ipa’
      and it should supply you with a suitable list of results to choose from.

  • Trudy Mahon

    i get error on my ipad3…..and cydia won’t work properly for me..i read go to manage then add the hack for iphone what to do for ipad3?? thanks

    • Nick

      Go try to re jail break your device it should work fine then. I too use an iPad 3 n it works just fine

  • tyler

    UPDATE – 06/02/13 – We have now added AppSync for iOS 6.0+ package to the repo so follow the bellow guide but instaed of installing AppSync for iOS 5.0+ install for iOS 6.0+

    In order to install AppSync you must first be JailBroken, for this guide we will assume that you are already JailBroken.

    1) Open Cydia and press the “Manage” tab along the bottom bar, then press “Sources”

    2) Press “Edit” in the top right corner, then press “Add” in the top left corner.

    3) Enter the following URL – – and then press “Add Source”.

    4) Cydia will now add the AppAddict repo to your device, and bring you back to the sources list.

    5) Select the newly added AppAddict Repo, then select the AppSync package and press “Install” and “Confirm” in the top right corner.

    6) Cydia will now install AppSync on your device, once finished press the “Restart Springboard” button and your device will respring and take you back to the home screen.

    Congratulations, you now have AppSync installed on you device, you can now install the AppAddict app from and / or install cracked apps to your device via iTunes!

  • mark

    Hello ppl,
    I am new here, and my English is kinda terrible(im Dutch). So i recently jailbroke my iphone 4 following sauriks video. My problem is, i dont seem to be able to install/find appsync for ios 7 thus i cant install appaddict app. Any help where i can find appsync for ios 7? Zorro ?

    • Jones

      Hallo hoe gaat het met jou?

      1. Go to the “Manage” tab in Cydia

      2. Select “Sources”.

      3. Select “Edit” (it’s probably at the top right or something) and then press on the add or the plus button.

      4. Write in the dialog box that comes up.

      5. Select “Add Source” and some screen should pop up. When it’s done, select “Return to Cydia.”

      6. Select the “repo” you just added and then you’ll find it in that list 😉

  • Bobby

    Thank you, it works!

  • B17AL-V

    @BilallYunus: Mail and Safari crash fix IOS7 Jailbreak
    Check out the twitter link for the fix

    • TestSubject

      Twitter says no page like this exists. Got a better link?

      • because twitter censors shit, it needs to be shut down hopefully someone will permanently shut them down because of no freedom of speech.

  • K.Phat

    Thanks, this 100% works on iPhone 5c !!! ^____^

  • wiz

    Just installed on iphone 4 and tested safari calc weather stocks and all work fine on ios 7 after appsync for 7.0+ installed. works like a charm so far

  • Naushad Qader

    after installing appsync my iphone 4 crashed and went into safemode…i tried uninstalling appsync 7+ and then tried restarting…but couldnt click on the restart button…cant get out of safe mode! pls help

  • bob

    Installed Appsync 7+ today on iPad 3 + wifi + cellular and works perfectly. My 2 Cents.

  • tajo


  • Cydia Says No repository found when I try to add

    • aria

      adict not addict

  • jojo

    still itune does not sync to my ipadmini even after installing AppSync 7.0+. please help

  • Seingalt

    Successfully jaylbroken iphone 5 and iPad4, but even with appsync7 the apps are not syncing….

  • Raymond93

    But this version of hipstore doesn’t work on ios7 though. Pls help

  • Beckham Mehrez

    anyone who have a problem with cydia , safari crash . you should boot your device thethered & it will be OK 🙂

    • TestSubject


      • Jail breaker

        TestSubject would you please stop this foul words?? Or because he is palastenian you talk like that?? You know this is some sort of racism and you must apologize for this guy…

      • Matt


      • phil

        why dont you read something before you come asking questions,you lazy prick. if you cant understand the terms you should not do it .

  • Dona Satya

    excuse me i have a problem about my iphone .I can’t open safari Can you help me?

  • Dona Satya

    safari weather app and calculator doesn’t work on my iphone4.please help me

  • jay jay smith

    Appaddict online swipes the App Store onto your device.. If any app crashes mail and safari.. You would have to ssh or rejailbreak and don’t download anything that’s not fully compatible with your ios

  • yoowicked

    I have successfully install appsync 7.0+ and all apps can be installed probably onto my iphone 5s (ios 7.0.4). But unfortunately on the itune “Apps” section cannot show my iphone screen. Any suggestion??

  • roy


  • Bholu

    now after initialling it how do i get applications on my device. plz help me i am very new to jailbreaks. thank you


  • bad people label people. Piracy needs to be out of conversations it’s all bullshit anyways, we know the DEA sell and trade drugs, reason for boarders. If you think it’s bad to pirate then you’re just bullshitting, test before you buy is what it means.

  • Peti222234

    Hi! Pls help me!:) i can’t find appsync in cydia.. Cydia gives me no results:/

  • Peti12321

    Hi! I can,t find appsync in cydia. Cydia gives no results.. Pls help!

  • Karrdeful

    I thought this was an article about how to install AppSync, not the ethics of AppSync.

  • Jerwyn Feria

    so this site has the terminology “Tethered” or “thethered” going on this thread. If you are iOS 7, obviously you don’t need to listen to this comment cause the jailbreak is automatically Untethered.

    Okay so now with this issue. AppSync with iOS 7+ doesn’t really work the way you would want. if you are the many few that has stock ios apps working. it is fine. if you are suffering with the safe mode cycle. you may need to uninstall everything that is associated with AppSync for iOS 7.x+. Go to your cydia store and sweep through all your tweaks installed and uninstall them. If you haven’t found a remedy for this yet then you will need to use SemiRestore for iOS7 which is currently available to keep your jailbreak.

  • Eric Huang

    I’ve installed the tweak (appsync for ios7.x) but it’s not working when I launch infinity blade 3
    What’s the problem?

  • Jimmi Niclasen

    lol you go aginst Piracy but you host a hacker site for IOS ..
    realy bad example.

  • Bilal

    I did install AppSync 3.0 on my 4s and now it’s home can’t be resumed and phone shutt off except an apple logo appearing on screen. Plz Guide

  • pizza.face11

    So I’m hoping to get some help. I have cydia on my iPad and I can get apps and in app purchases on my iPad. I was wondering if there is a way to sync my apps and “in app purchases” to my iPhone 6. Any help?

  • nika

    same shit No repository

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