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Stuck in boot loop after Pangu jailbreak? This weird trick may help

How to

Stuck in boot loop after Pangu jailbreak? This weird trick may help


If you have jailbroken your iOS device with the recently released Pangu jailbreak then you might be facing boot loop upon restarting your device. This issue is not very common but several users are reportedly having this problem. If you are one of them then don’t worry as there is an easy fix that you can try to get out of the loop. DagMeow at Reddit has pointed to a weird solution to this problem. Although he is experiencing this problem on his iPhone 4, it may not be limited to one device only. This happens every time you restart your device.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, and you can try this to fix the problem until the Pangu team releases a fix for it.

It appears that the actual problem is the Ambient Light Sensor of the iOS device. And the iPhone goes into boot loop only when you restart your iPhone while sitting in the dark room with low or no light. So as you might be guessing you can actually fix this problem by simply moving to a place with sufficient light or put your iPhone under a torch or desk lamp. That’s it now your iPhone will boot seamlessly without any loop.

Many users have confirmed this problem and have verified the working of this weird trick. However from the comments section at reddit it seems that this issue is limited to iPhone 4 devices jailbroken with latest Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1. So if you’re facing the same issue let us know if this trick works for you.

Update: Pangu 1.2 with fix for boot loop issue released.


  • Patrick Saucier

    Ive tried and not work even with the light so

    • Jimmy Magana

      plug in headphones

      • Kitten Meow

        Or the charger, works for me 🙂

        • Alen Crn

          its not working with light and headphones please help

          • Alen

            it worked omfg insane as fuck

          • Kitten Meow

            Try charger and headphones + light. That’s what I did.

          • guest

            Thank you guys 😀

    • Aimee

      Actually, any case where you stuck on boot loop after jailbreak or other related or so, you can try the tool ReiBoot and see whether it works. In common situation, ReiBoot can help users fix problems like boot loop. recovery mode loop. Without restore iPhone, without iTunes and without losing data. Try it, it is totally free and safe

      • Li Mike

        worked for me ! thank you very much!!!

  • help

    Dosent work

  • Jizzy

    it works!!! after boot looping for a few hours. put it under the light and bam!

  • jontone

    amazing worked !

  • Daru

    Fix, Pangu v1.1.0 with my iPhone 4 🙁

  • Shantanu


    • john

      plug the earphones work

      • WIll

        This absolutly works if you put the headphones in the jack.

  • chris

    doesnt work for me. iphone4s

  • Kali Haskins

    After my Pangu reboots, it tells me to unlock my iPod. When I unlock my iPod it reboots again but then the jailbreak just stops completely as if I unplugged my device but I didn’t. It’s very annoying and it’s happened everytime I try to jailbreak my device. I have an iPod 5th Gen functioning on iOS 7.1.2
    Is that the problem or is my iPod just messed up? Please respond to me.

    • Vivek Anand

      Same case with me.. i dnt know what to do.. Please any 1 help us.

      i have all my back ups but my phone got struck with lock screen.

      Image attached

  • Puna Hang Sangbangfe

    doesnt work on my ipod 5 ..
    i tried lot ,,,

  • Hameed Usman

    I tried . it worked successfully on my iphone 4 ios 7.1.1.

  • ptfm

    Worked on iPhone 5, 7.1.2. Weird…

    • ip5fx

      what worked on yours??
      mine is been on loop for a whole day…

      • Jimmy Magana

        If your jail broken this might be the cause of installing a tweak that is not compatible

        • Jonesy

          then how do you do you fix it if you did that?

  • Dallas Jones

    If the light trick doesn’t work then try plugging something into the headphone jack, that did the trick with my iPhone 4S. I used a set of Apple EarPods, but it should work with anything plugged in…

    • johan

      the light combined with the headphone jack did the trick.
      iphone 4s is now jailbroken

      • gg

        This worked with my 4s. Thanks guys!

        • humar

          Thanks! This worked!!!

      • Mary

        Does it work for Ipad 2?

    • Srivarthan

      worked for me !!!!!! thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ummira

      thank you so much. alhamdulillah, it worked really well.

      headphone + light sesnsitivity. yay

    • Worked great for my iPhone 4S. Thanks!

    • Darshit Kanziya

      yeah worked 🙂

  • carling

    plugging in earphones worked for me to. Thanks johan

  • projeffa

    I tried the light trick, but that didn’t work, so I tried to add the trick with the headphone jack too and then my phone could finally boot. Tested on an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1.2.

  • Daniel

    I tried this with my iphone 4s and it didn’t work.

    • Tom in OKP

      You have to plug the headphones in and JUST LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE WITH THE HEADPHONES PLUGGED IN FOR 5 MINUTES. After 5 minutes or less my 4s on 7.1.2 got out of the loop and rebooted jailbroken.

      • Ali

        Thankyou so much! I thought that I would be stuffed as my lock button is broken so nothing would work, but this did! Thank you

  • Noam Rahamim

    4s – 7.1.2 – Pangu version 1.1 – Turned on the light + connect my earphones and it worked! thanx 🙂

    • Niraj

      it worked for me as well thanks

      • Darshit Kanziya

        Hahaha lolz man worked for me 🙂 both tricks are funny

        thnx man

    • Lucy Hill

      This worked on my iPhone 4s, thanks so much!

      • Noam Rahamim


  • emre elmas

    this actually works just go into a dark have a desk lamp and plug an headphones into ur phone keep it there for about 5 mins and it should work and u might have cydia i did so im not sure if u will have cydia or not

  • John Doe

    Light and headphones worked for me on IPhone 4s.

  • Shetty Shety

    After Jailbreak with Panagu I am observing weird thing is like a loop.. Which should happen only at time of some data transfer are they spying on our phone data.. Any one facing the same

    • Kitten Meow

      No they’re not spying on you. That’s location services. You seem to have a lot of apps that use location, which is more than likely the reason why.

      • Kitten Meow

        And that other thing next to your wireless bar is usually just an app working in the background or mail downloading new emails. Seriously, you must get a lot of emails 😛

        • asaptaz

          i need help plz

          • Kitten Meow

            With what

          • Guest

            I am using iphone 5c tried pluging apple earpods,with my desk light but nthin worked…

      • Kitten Meow

        And also you must have a navigation app in the background, you have a lot of those. So no, they’re not spying. Just cuz it’s china oh my god.

  • jehovahs99promblem

    I have iPhone 4 and it works thanks much u guys have got it

  • SSSS

    I just did this trick with no luck. Then i retried it while using a pair of headphones in the audio jack. Worked like a charm.

  • Fatimah

    i just get stucked in my lockscreen. when i try to slide to homescroon. my iphone 4 boots then goes back to lockscreen. my problem now is. I cannot enter to my homescreen already. 🙁 help please. the light and earphones doesn’t work on me. I try restoring. error too. I feel so hopeless. T_T

    • Vivek Anand

      Same case with me.. i dnt know what to do.. Please any 1 help us.

      i have all my back ups but my phone got struck with lock screen.

      Image attached.

      • Kitten Meow

        Press and hold both the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time and when the apple logo appears, let go of the sleep button. Your iphone may now be restored.

        • Senitel

          Both of them for 13 sec. and let the sleep button go – hold only home button for 5 sec. Thats the safe mode, you can plug your phone into computer and restore it by iTunes

          • hulk

            what if my sleep button messed up

    • Chloe Gulley

      Hane you solved your problem yet? I have the same problem. I also have an iPhone 4 too.

      • Chloe GUlley


  • Potsyboy

    Thanks this worked for me

  • Zack

    doesnt work a iphone 5 jailbroken 7.1.1

  • Zack

    i have a iphone 5 jailbroken 7.1.1 and i rebooted it and the apple sign stays on for like 5 mins, than the spinning wheel comes on and freezes for 5 mins, than repeats till the phone dies

  • craig

    worked for me!

    iPhone 4s 32gb for AT&T

    used a lamp and inserted the apple earphones plug into the iphone

  • Max

    the trick with the headphones worked on my 4S 7.1.2.
    seems that just the 4S users got massive problems. All my other devices got jailbroken without problems (iPad 2, iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5S x2, all on 7.1.2)


  • Infamous_P

    Reboot loop on iPad 2 running 7.1.2!!! Light didn’t work as I suspected it might not. But, after plugging headphones in (non-OEM might I add), it did work! Success!
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Infamous_P

    I believe I have figured out the root of this issue (no pun intended).
    1.) Make sure your chosen repositories are all online and none have missing or grayed icons in Cydia
    2.) Make sure your AppSync 7.0+ is version 4 or higher!! I have only seen this happen on systems with version 2.5 or 3.0!!

    I hope that helps.

  • ayok

    I didn’t try light (because I’m at work now), but I had earphones, and that worked immediately. Thanx

    • ayok

      Have iphone 4s with iOs 7.1.2 jailbroken with Pangu 1.1

  • Harold

    Iphone 4S: Constant Reboot. Ugh. Did the light trick. Showed Pangu logo then reboot. 🙁
    . Light and headphones trick. Priceless. It actually worked. Amazing! Thank you again Very Much!!!

  • MoDizle

    Sunlight/Lamp and Plug in Headphones… worked like e charm

  • jusundefined

    yeah tht light with headphone worked heheh iphone 4s…here

  • indie

    The head phone and the light trick totally worked. I was about to start crying if i broke this phone. lololol thanks the cyber lords for this site! iPhone 4s

  • Dan

    My room was fairly dark so I turned it towards the light and held the home button + the volume down button

    • Dan

      And it worked

  • wuwave

    Mine got stuck in boot loop (iphone 5) and this trick didnt seem to help but after ten minutes of trying and moving it from light to dark places it worked. The time it did work for me the white iphone boot screen was much brighter than the times it looped. I believe this is the fix but its patience a lot of people are lacking.

  • Caseypowerr2

    light and earphone worked for my iphone 4s with ios 7.1.2 thanks to everyone 🙂 !!!!!!!

  • abdul basit

    Awsome mannnn! What a solution.. Many Many thanks 🙂

  • BlankSUB001

    anyone have any other fixes nothing seems to work (ipod 5)

  • George Ioannou

    hahaha worked for me also with light and headhpnes “:) cool thnks guys

  • daniel

    Help this doesnt work for me ive done everything you all have said and it didnt work its still going will waiting for it to run out of battery work?

  • daniel

    HELP it wont work i tried the light trick and it wont work even with the ear buds will letting turn it off work

  • SA<M


  • anthony genovese

    After my iPhone 5 reboots nothing happens and I still have the pangu app no cydia

  • Kay Krate

    Same problem with mine , boot loops like 2 or 3 times and the boots up like normal. Pfft wish I didn’t jailbreak my device … – iPhone 5S

  • Nathan krof

    BRUH wth i use to use hrs before the volume up trick would work then id have to reinstall all my tweaks, meh at least this time i only waited 45 mins.

  • Seraphim

    This is freaking magic going on here

  • Jimmy Magana

    Pangu 1.2 doesn’t fix the reboot issue forme on my ipad 2… The ipad 2 has this issue as well the plugging anything into the head jack METHOD works. It only happens after turning the device off and rebooting the device sucks but i have just the 3.5 mm jack with about teo inches of the wire that i left after cutting it and making it a key fob to use to turn on the device and fix the reboot just so that it goes on works evrytime but i thought the issue was solved looks like the pangu team still has some work to figure out

    • Senitel

      Pangu 1.2 didn’t fix problem on my iphone 4, i have the boot loop – the apple and the loading sign for a whole day! (earphones and charger doesn’t work)

  • asaptaz

    mine doesnt have the apple logo it hads the loading circle

  • Loz

    Wow changed my iphone screen and the power button and proximity sensor stopped working, then jailbroke and was stuck on the boot loop, turns out id just forgot to reattach the ribbon cable and this sorted it out as the light sensor worked! Was shittin myself a bit there!

  • ioshacker

    Easy solution, as soon as the apple logo appears hold down both the power button and the top volume button at the same time until the apple logo disppears then while still holding on to the top volume button realese the power button within 2-5 minutes it will boot right up no problem.

    – iphone hacker with evasion/pangu jailbreak 7.1.2

    • Senitel

      Doesn’t work on iphone 4

    • Kalah

      Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Kiki

    What about an ipad mini 2?

  • Rob Logan

    Not the problem I have. Mine loads fine works fine. But then I open cydia and it shrinks to centre of screen. Unable to put phone into safe mode to check what tweaks are screwing it up. Tried all methods to enter safe mode. Don’t have sbsettings installed as only just jail broke device. Any thoughts anyone. ?? Thanks bob

  • Jennifer


  • Tim

    What the hell? It worked! It didn’t work but then I put in headphones and tried then BOOM! Just worked!

  • Zachary James

    after i take the light away my iphone 4 7.1.2 reboots

  • Zachary James

    this never happens on my 5s

  • j4


    I have the same problem with IPAD 3,the solution i had was: i put the device into Recover mode (On/Off button + Home button simultaneous until iTunes appear on the device) and just wait 5 a 10 minutes! After this the jailbreak went well! I hope it will help you all…

  • mr sponge

    Holding home button and power button to reset loop, then hold home button until booted up, works every time with me. Iphone 5 ios 7.1.2

  • Yolo

    help me every time slide to unlock it reboot my phone

  • z17

    This totally worked for me!! Thanks.

  • joejoe91

    help!! My loop is sort of different. My phone is on but when I slide to unlock I get the apple logo for about 10/ 15 seconds. then back to lock screen, slide to unlock again, apple logo. and so on. light, charger and headphones do not work. also my power button and home buttons are broken so I can’t use fixes that involve those but luckily assictive touch is turned on

  • convict

    i just jailbroke my iphone4 with pangu it says slide to unlock and when i slide it rebots

  • Sophie

    I have an iphone 5 on iOS 7.1.2 and when mine goes into a boot loop I hold down the power button and then mysteriously the ‘slide to power off’ comes up and I simply press cancel instead of powering off and it takes me to my lock screen?

  • ethan

    for me i turn it on type in passcode then all i see is my background but no apps shown then it just restartsand then the same thing happens over and over till one time it says safe mode with a black background and it says saftey mode and theres a notification that says sorry for the inconvinice but spring board has just crashed this problem was not caused by mobile substrate?????PLEASE HELP

  • mvvlad

    worked for me! great! thank you!!!!

  • Benjamin Hanning

    I am on an iPhone 5 running jailbroken 7.1.2 from the pangu 1.2 jailbreak and my phone is still in a boot loop. I tried it with the light and the headphones and it still is stuck! Help Please!

  • nate loftus

    i have a 5s which was jailbroke wih 7.0.4 and it worked great till about a month ago and it got stuck on the boot loop. i could not get it to boot fully. so i restored it and now its on 7.1.2 and there is no cydia or anything. when i try to jailbreak it again. wih pangu it says the phone is already jailbroke. i tried to restore from backup of phone when it was jailbroke and that did not work either. please help and thank you for your time.

  • Mazey

    Hey there, if this didn’t work for you, turn off your device by holding home and power button until it goes off. Then boot it again by holding volume up and the power button, once you see the apple logo let go of the power button but keep holding the volume up button until your device booted. Then remove the latest jailbreak tweaks you had installed before the boot happened. That might work, it’s nice either way that you can at least boot your device if you need it, even if deleting some tweaks didn’t work.

    • oozh

      worked AMAZING! thank you so much

    • Vinny


      • Austin]

        Hello im curious , did you do mazey’s tip on iphone 4?

  • karan suchak

    I am using iphone 5c tried with plugging apple earpods,charger and light on but did nt work. …


      Same here i have the same phone and tried everything from restoring it to factory settings to this!

  • robby sagoo

    hello, I jailbreak iphone4 with pangu, now some apps are hiddem like msg, app store,mail… and my iphone4 does not reset all content now. plz help me

  • Katelyn Marie Ross

    Tried all of those things and it’s still not working

    • Darren Jailbreak

      Same here and I don’t want to lose all of my tweaks and things so please someone help me. By the way volume up button won’t work neither will anything else so if someone could help that would be great. Thanks.

    • Nick

      This is the third time I’m restoring clean on iOS 8.1 from DFU mode, and this time I’m not jailbreaking, because the Passcode and TouchID are causing the problem… Nothing else seems to work, I tried everything I found online, so I’ll just wait for a new JB tool or an update for Pangu to come out..
      Freaking sucks cause I’ve been jailbreaking for like 4 years and there doesn’t seem to be a good solution to this problem, except turning off the passcode and touch id every time you restart the phone, but thats not much of a solution… If someone finds a solution pls tell me 🙂

      • Harry Ols

        I love you man

  • sunray

    an easier way to fix the boot loop without reseting your idevice it to hold sleep and home to reboot then once the apple logo comes up hold the top volume button untill your device turns on do this at your own risk it may go back to a spot where you didnt have some tweaks or apps but it does work

    • Ron

      thanx…worked for me!

  • jai

    will this work on an ipad air?

  • Nathan

    My device does not show any cydia jailbreak tweaks in the settings i reinstalled preference loader and what not. The problem is i would restore my decice because the battery drop from 50 to 20 in seconds just random times and dies and when it dies it is frozen on apple logo and will not turn on until like 100 tries of holding down power and up on volume. I would like to restore it but every computer i try it just gets an error at the end of the restore. Tried all methods for fixing those errors also even tried a shift restore. I have a warrenty and would like to injailbreak it to just get a new one but am having many problems and looking for help. Please help lol

  • Aaron Mendoza

    1.Highlight the numbers
    2.Press Ctrl+F
    3.Press 9
    4.Press Enter, and Read the message.

    • lol

      So cool LIKE A BOSS lol

  • Crazy kurd

    hey gues I rstored my phone and it worked

  • Mary

    I can’t even turn on my ipad without the apple logo popping up over and over again. What do I do?

  • apn

    i have recently jaibreaked my iphone 4 with pangu and it got started normally and after starting cydia the problem of reboot loop at homescreem has started and nothing is working….plzzhelp

  • apn

    i have iphone 4 and i have jailbreaked my device with ios7.1.2 with pangu and it got installed and soon after starting cydia the problem of screen loop has stated and nothing is working …..plzzzzz help

  • Saif Akhter

    If you’re stuck in a boot loop, just reset your device by pressing home button and power button together for some time till apple logo reappears. The phone perfectly boots up.

  • Brad

    Volume up worked for me


    I’m having the bootloop issue with my 5G ipod touch. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Headphones/charger connected with and without light and I’m still having issues.. Suggestions please

  • Ethan

    I’ve tried all of these with my ipad air and it still keeps going from the apple logo to a loading circle. I’ve put it under a light but it stays on the circle til the battery runs out and even after that my ipad goes back to the logo, loads halfway as if it was updating and gets stuck at a load circle suddenly. What do I do?

  • Victor Makurouchi

    For me I keep getting safe mode this happned to me on my Iphone 4 then It started looping and I gave up luckly I could get a iphone 6 so I got it and jailbroke it thought everythign will be fine but no I knew Pangu isnt safe

  • Ricardo Ferreira

    I found the solution.
    I had already tried the volume up, volume down, lit environment. And all failed.
    What should be done is the following:
    1- do a clean restore by iTunes.
    2- set the iPhone as a new iPhone without password, or account
    3- run the Pangu, but do not open cydia
    4- restore the backup from itunes
    5- open cydia now.
    6 – set the passwords.
    7 – reboot and be happy

    It did work on iPhone 5S

  • Rishi

    hey i am facing a wired problem. I jailbroke my iPad 2 with pangu and then downloaded appcake on it which immediately re-springed my iPad into safe mode. Then i tried to reboot my ipad several times but it always opened in safe mode and then i tried to reset my iPad after which it is stuck on apple logo and with a loader under it its been 15 hours now and I am worried. Please help any help will be appreciated, thanks.

  • Hummez Smith

    I don’t have any problem with the boot loop but it always times out when it gets to transferring the jailbreak files. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

  • rad

    OMFG works for iPhone 6 lmfao I [email protected] myself

  • mandeep

    i cant recover from any of the methods by plugging charger restoree and any thing phone stucked on lock screen

  • Danny

    I have iPhone 5 ( Global ) running iOS 8.1 and I clicked Erase all Content and Settings and my phone turns on with the apple logo and a line not loading, help? 🙁

    • Danny

      it is jail broken by Pangu

  • Benjamin

    If NOTHING of these tricks work:
    Turn your iPhone or iPad off.
    Hold down the Home button and plug it into your computer. Keep holding the Home button until you see a screen telling you to connect to iTunes.
    iTunes should show you a popup saying that there is an iPhone or iPad that is in Recovery Mode and needs to be restored before you can use it. Click OK.
    Click on Restore iPhone… — or Restore iPad if that’s what you’re using.
    Restoring will be the best choice if you can’t clear the bootloop. 😉

    • Xavier

      Thank You Man!!! You saved my bros life!!

    • Sohan

      I tried everything, nothing worked but your trick. It’s now connected with iTunes and now it’s downloading the latest iOS which is 9.3.1

      I think it will work. Thanks for saving my day!

  • eugene

    haha earphone worked for me on my ipad 2

  • Josh

    I just plugged in my ipod after its battery died and it had gone into this infinite loop of booting The jailbreak software is Taig ios 8.1.2 ipod 5s

  • alex


  • Jonesy

    Who ever said that this works is a monster this doesn’t work

  • Santos Bogo

    My phone does not it the sensor works

  • kevin

    still work.. thankk

  • Tanner

    I have an iPhone 4 and i tried plugging in headphones and charger and holding it under light for like 5 minutes but nothing happened 🙁

  • hi

    just hold down the top and home button until the apple logo disappears then reapers, after that hold down the volume up button for a few minutes until ur phone vibrates


    so im gonna jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 iPhone 4(not the 4s) with PanGu. Im in a light room. Will i give the apple boot logo loop?

  • Muamualee

    Restore Factory Settings To Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo:

    This is the simplest method on how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. This method will erases all your data from iPhone and reset all the setting. But it will be better that just seeing your iPhone dead.

    Normally, Restore factory settings can be done through iTunes by syncing your iPhone with it and clicking the restore button. But here your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, so you will need the different method for resorting factory settings to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

    Besides, if this method is not working, you can try FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.It’s free to use the trial version.

  • The Dude

    I got mine to turn on without restoring but some tweaks are disabled and I can’t activate them. It says they’re all active but clearly they are not. Also, when I turn my phone off then on again the loop starts. Help please!

  • TJ Kristinek

    If your problem is your phone crashing when you unlock your phone then this is how I fixed it. Download iFunBox, plug your phone into pc, navigate to iFunBox Classic (top left tab). Very bottom, is Raw Filesystem-
    Delete these two:

    -hard reset your phone by holding power and home

  • Ethan

    What if you are stuck in recovery mode aswell as bootloop

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