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How to untethered jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 using Pangu on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


How to untethered jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 using Pangu on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

A new jailbreak tool called Pangu has been released that is capable of bringing untethered jailbreak of iOS 7.1.1 and all other versions of iOS 7.1 to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The jailbreak originates from China and has been made available for Windows. According to Pangu’s website that Mac version is also in the works and will be released soon. The jailbreak has been termed sketchy by many so proceed at your own risk. However based on user reviews available on the web it seems like the tool does works as intended and causes no harm to devices.

We tested the Pangu tool on iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.1 and it works perfectly.

The tool supports jailbreak for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina Display and iPod touch 5th generation.

In this post we are going to show you how to untethered jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7.1.x using Pangu tool.

Download Pangu from the offiical website, using the links below.

Step 1. First of all open iTunes and create a backup of of all your data. On iTunes click on your device’s button from top right and then click on ‘Back Up Now’. Only proceed once the backup has been created successfully.

backup itunes

Step 2. Change your iOS device’s current date to ‘2 June 2014’. To do so open Settings > General > Date and Time. Make sure ‘Set Automatically’ setting is turned off.

Step 3. Once you have downloaded connect your iOS device to the computer and launch the tool. On Windows 8 if you get a warning click on ‘More info’ and then click on ‘Allow’, On Windows 7 run as ‘Administrator’ by right clicking.

If you don’t want the PP pirated jailbreak store un-check the box at the bottom.

Pangu 4

Click on the black button (which may have ‘????’ on it) to start the process.

Step 4. As soon as the installer reaches around 20 percent, it will ask you to launch the app on your iOS device. On your homescreen look for the Pangu app and launch it.

Pangu homescreen

Step 5. Do not close the Pangu app and let it do its job. Your device will restart in the process.

Pangu 3

Step 6. After your device reboots and Pangu shows 100 percent progress launch Cydia. That’s it!

Pangu cydia ios 7

If you have any questions let us know in the comments below.

  • rohan

    will this work on iphone 4S , ios 7.1.1 ? (it is listed above, just want to confirm) Have they tested?

  • Saman auyb

    Guys i have tested on iphone 4 s and ipad 3 good But other saying i have done false telling PANGU JAILBREAK not good it is fake is that true should i remove from my devices :/

    🙁 Please help me ):

    • It is completely safe if you follow the step 3 properly i.e uncheck the tick mark before running the jailbreak tool.

    • iPhone4IosHacks

      ITs completely safe pangu jailbreak is awsome

  • Erman

    Hello Zaib,

    I tried to jailbreak my iphone 5 but when Pangu’s bar is around %80-90 my phone reboots a few times (as usual) and i get “Storage almost full” warning. After that it goes into boot loop. Opens up and Pangu icon with Enjoy the jailbreak^^ text and then reboot again and again.

    Is there a way to fix this? Or I have to wait for pangu 1.1?

    • May be your device is running low on available storage. Try deleting a few apps or game and try again.

  • Nina

    After the jailbreak, Can I change the date back to todays date?

    • Yes you can

      • Nina

        Oh thank you. I was so worried.

      • Nina

        Do you know if winterboard is compatible with this version of the jailbreak?

        • Yes it works flawlessly. Been using it myself.

          • Nina

            It works, but now I cant acsess Bytafont 2 or ifile?

          • Were you able to do that before? There may be some compatibility issues. I haven’t tested these together.

          • Nina

            Nevermind, I figured it out, thanks

  • Antonio

    Would this also do the no service thing? I’ve been trying to find a way to get service on a iPhone 4 GSM Jailbroken with Geeksn0w. Any tips for a way to solve it?

  • Robin Bäckman

    I would also know how to fix the no service after jailbreaked with geeksnow.. I’ve done a full restore x2 thrue itunes, still no service.. Then i tried Pangu and still wont work..
    The phone did work fine before jailbreak aswell, ain’t locked.

  • Mark

    I connected my iPhone 4s and itunes recognizes it but when I’m about to click the 4 question mark button it does nothing it’s still dark and shaded kind of like. Pls help I’ve been trying this for a week

    • pineapple

      ive had the same problem, dont know whats going on

    • iPhone4IosHacks


  • Gary Lee

    i install on my ipad 4. everything goes fine and everything but when its done and says success there is no cydia on my ipad

    • Anthrax

      Same issue here. No cydia

  • hit maani

    the software is incompatible with my iphone 4 after the 1st restart it doesnt continue again

  • Gary Lee

    I was finally able to get it to work. Make absolutely certain that autolock is turned off and passcode is turned off. Make sure you have the newest version of iTunes and also do a backup. After trying it for the fourth time it was actually working. Jailbreak went great but make sure you do everything first. It also wouldn’t work for me until I did the backup. I’m not certain if maybe they use the backup as part of the jailbreak process but it didn’t work until I did it.

    • iPhone4IosHacks

      You Probalby did something wrong did you uncheck that button?

  • Gary Lee

    So just to clarify it is now working for me on my iPad 4. Running ios 7.1 and I used the pangu jailbreak 1.1.0

  • Gary Lee

    Also, change the date before even starting the jailbreak.

  • Tony Petretta

    Why do all my other Cydia jailbreaks at the bottom of the screen on the cydia welcome page have a section’s tab and a manage tab and since breaking with Pangu , layout on the bottom of the cydia home page seems different?

  • Ambermile

    Hi – went through complete instructions, got cydia but no unlock – now cannot do anything with phone… cannot restore with itunes, nothing. So now got an iphone 4 that is supposedly jailbroken but in reality is not usable – any ideas?

  • harsha

    i’ve jailbreak perfect, but just i don’t know its No service have you a suggestion? Thanks
    (iphone 4 , baseband 04.12.09)

    • zanty

      same problem, i think we need to downgrade our IOS.

    • Terry Baugh

      Same problem

  • could you please update this post with english version’s screenshots??

  • Beckico

    Works great on iPhone 5s 7.1.1 🙂

  • iPhone4IosHacks

    Just Easy Works on Ios 7.1.2 and 7.1.1 and 7.1.3 Until 7.1.9(If that update comes)
    And it wil also Work on Everything as an idevice And Amir Usman Here ya go
    Step 1 download it
    step 2 uncheck the checkbutton
    step 3 Plug-In Device5any Idevice Will do Great 🙂
    step 4 go to your settings and change time to 2 june 2014(Be sure to toggle-Off automatic
    And step 4 Launch Pangu(CopyrightAllRightsReserverd)$App
    Step 5 launch Cydia it wil prepare the files
    Step 6 your device will reboot
    Step 7 DONE!

  • Owais

    Pangu icon doesnt appear on my homescreen! when it says to click on the pangu icon on my device, i can’t find the icon at all. Please help.

  • Max Jr

    Hello I have an iPhone 4s iOS 7.1.1 and I am very interested in jailbreakig my phone…however I was told that if I recently update my phone using over the air update I would have to do something before I start the jailbreak…does anyone know what it is?

  • Max Jr

    And what are all the necessary precautions and things I need to do such as turning off pass code to ensure a higher chance of success with this jailbreak?

  • Max Jr

    Hello I have an iPhone 4s iOS 7.1.1 and I am very interested in jailbreakig my phone…however I was told that if I recently update my phone using over the air update I would have to do something before I start the jailbreak…does anyone know what it is?…

  • Max Jr

    And what are all the necessary precautions and things I need to do such as turning off pass code to ensure a higher chance of success?….

  • Facco

    Doesn’t work on my iPad retina with Chip A6X dual-core and iOS 7.1.2 help please…

  • Facco

    The tool just cannot see the connected iPad..i hope in a fast answer =)

  • Jake

    Does this work if i got ota update on My iPad?

  • pal

    It’s working on UN active device.?????

  • Jade

    I finished the jail break but I cannot find the cydia app on my phone….

  • d

    it brings me back to the websitewhenever i press the pangu.exe that i downloaded

  • Lmartinez17

    When it reboots the date changes back to today’s date!! Please help

  • solidussnake123

    latest version of pangu did jailbreak my iphone 4 7.1.1 with unteathered jailbreak but didnt unlock my phone so cant use different carrier 🙁 anyone know how to solve this?

    • MRACD

      ive had the same problem, any option ? i´ve only saw post´s to buy f*cking chips, there is other way ?

  • Shrek

    Hi, I have ipad mini. I connected it to my windows computer (has itunes) and it still cant find it.
    I did everything you said but Pangu cannot find my device :-:

  • Opma

    I wanna know,because my at&t iPhone 4 is locked i have done the pangu jailbreak. so i have cydia on my phone now. but is it unlock now or how do i unlock it to use a different sim card

  • Opma

    am using iphone4 ( 7.1.2) BASEBAND 04.12.09

  • Opma

    Any comments

  • Kamran

    i have iphone 5s ios 7.1.1 it was jailbreak with pengu 1.0 but i have delete cydia now i want to re-jailbreak it with the same tool it stops around 90% after restart it never completed please help i want this jailbreak and i dont want to upgrade my ios. thanks

  • kye_x

    it’s 2015 now, is it impossible to set it back to 2014?

  • daniel

    after jailbreacking i restored my phone and cydia was uninstalled how do i jailbreac again

  • bala

    it worked perfectly fine and now i have a iphone 4 IOS 7.1.1 and i have cydia installer too.

  • Tunde

    Hello iCla, just got an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak with Pangu_v1.0.exe but, the issue here is that, the Jailbreak is confirmed as WildcardActivated

    on the iPhone details using iTools but, the jailbreak info says Yes(AFC2 Disabled) .

    What coulb wrong ? Kindly Assist pls

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