How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on iPhone Without Jailbreak

WhatsApp is a popular cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to send text messages and media files without paying for the traditional SMS. The important thing is that WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone and even other mobile software such as Android and Windows Phone. The best thing about this hack is that it does not require you to be jailbroken.


If you want to run multiple, specifically two (2), WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone without jailbreak, you have come to the right place. This tutorial will show you how to run 2 accounts at the same time using a third-party application, from a source untrusted by Apple.

While we haven’t found any security errors or problems with this method, it’s recommended that you’re doing this at your own risk.

Step 1: Open your Safari browser

Step 2: Go to this website You will be redirected to a foreign website so please follow our instructions carefully. 

Step 3: This is a foreign website so please follow our instructions carefully.

Step 4: You should see the WhatsApp icon and the app’s name. This time, it’s called WhatsApp 2

Step 5: Tap on it and install (click on the green button)


Step 6: You will receive a popup asking whether or not you wish to install the app. Proceed by tapping Install

Step 7: Once the application is downloaded, don’t open it yet. Go to your stock Settings app > > General > Profile

Step 8: Look for VNE Software and trust it

Step 9: Go back to your Springboard and launch WhatsApp 2

That’s all you have to do to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone. Go through the same registration and verification process within the WhatsApp 2 app. Be sure to have another phone number ready in order to activate your account. If you have any questions, the comment section is there for you.

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