How Do I Unlock My iCloud Locked iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch

iPhone 11 Unlock

iPhone 11 Unlock

Apple introduced an iCloud Activation Lock back in 2014 with the release of iOS 7. When the user turns on the ‘Find my Phone’ feature it activates and once enabled, the device could not be erased, disabled or activated using a different account.

This anti-theft setting meant that for various reasons, users found themselves being locked out by ‘Find my Phone’ for legitimate reasons. These could be some of the following:

  • Too many failed attempts to login causing Apple ID to disable itself
  • Purchasing an iCloud locked device without knowing
  • Incorrectly erasing the iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch before signing out of iCloud/disabling ‘Find my Phone’ first

When it comes to unlocking your iCloud locked iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch online services like DirectUnlocks, provide a quick, legal and official iCloud reset for very cheap generally within 24 hours. They provide this by having access to Apple’s Global Exchange Service, providing an official and permanent iCloud lock removal.

These services typically follow the same instructions:

1. Provide your Apple Device’s IMEI Number

This 14 digit number is used to identify the device you need the iCloud activation lock removed from, and you can access by dialling on your keypad.

2. Select your model and provide necessary details

Providing details like email/name and the model of your Apple device allows their automated system to select your device correctly.

3. Details are submitted and processed

At this point, it’s an automated process between the service provider (<a=href=””>DirectUnlocksand internal Apple systems, because of the complexity this can take around 24 hours to complete.

4. iCloud activation lock is permanently removed

Your device’s iCloud Activation Lock is removed, and you can do all the things that previously you were restricted from including restarting, updating and factory resetting.

Why are online services a great option?

Well, they allow you to continue using the device without it leaving your possession, you don’t have to get involved in complicated technical submissions to Apple. They also make it a simple, user-friendly process while providing support the whole time.

Why we choose Direct Unlocks?

After looking at multiple service providers, nothing screamed trust like DirectUnlocks they provided a competent support system and provided tracking though out our test, and their site is designed very professionally, whereas many don’t look like they have left the early 2000’s in terms of design and usability.

Our Conclusion.

Removing an Apple iCloud Activation Lock is a very straightforward process thanks to sites like DirectUnlocks, trust is a massive factor for us when choosing a provider along with competence and success rate. So if you’re looking to removing an Apple iCloud Activation Lock, start with them.

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