iPhone VPN Does More Than Keep Out Hackers

iPhones have revolutionized the way people keep in touch. They’re used for work, talking, watching movies, and playing games. They’re just part of our lives and we can’t imagine living without them.

But that also means we’re leaving ourselves open to more online attacks as almost everything we use our iPhones for is online. That’s where a VPN can come in handy, offering you protection against hackers. But it does so much more than that.

Are iPhones safe?

Like a lot of Apple products, there is inbuilt security. No doubt you’ve heard conversations where people say iPhones can’t be hacked or iOS is the safest operating system around. There have been enough leaked celebrity photos to prove that this isn’t exactly the case.

Despite Apple being amazing at security, the fact is, so many people are online these days. Many people are using iPhones, and so many hackers find ways to breach security and steal all your important information. Using an excellent iOS VPN like CyberGhost will give you enhanced security. The VPN will mask your IP address and prevent criminals online from finding out where you are.

They can’t get access to your information, they’ll have difficulty trying to break into the VPN server, and you can browse away, stream and play games on your iPhone in complete confidence. But like we said, an iPhone VPN does so much more.

Surf the web in private

It’s no secret that you’re being monitored when you’re using your iPhone to browse the web. Big companies and law enforcement agencies are always monitoring internet traffic in the country. Sure, they’ve got a job to do it, but sometimes it’d be nice to have a bit of privacy.

As for the companies, the last thing you want is for them to get your details and sell them on. A VPN can hide your information from them so you can browse away to your heart’s content. 

Speaking of privacy, have you ever noticed that your internet service provider blocks some websites? Or sometimes that you can’t get the fast broadband speeds in the evening that you can during the day? That’s because your internet service provider is monitoring what you’re up to and can impose restrictions as it sees fit.

Downloading a movie, and it’s taking too long? Guess who to blame? Turn the VPN on, select a different server location, and your provider won’t know where your internet traffic is coming from, so you can enjoy fewer restrictions and the same speeds you’re used to.

Speed and safety

When it comes to speed, VPNs from well-known providers can actually make it even faster for you to browse the web from your iPhone. Many people think VPNs can slow down your internet use, but the various servers have super-fast internet speeds. So you can connect to them and enjoy faster connectivity than you might have had before.

If you’ve ever used public wi-fi, have you been left wondering if your iPhone is okay? Did somebody put a trojan horse on it, or has a hacker got inside and pinched your photos? You can never tell. But you should always play it safe as public Wi-Fi networks are rife with problems, mainly the lack of security or cybercriminals setting up networks to steal information. However, with a VPN installed on your iPhone, you can hide all your details, piggyback on the network and use it without organized hackers knowing you’re there. If you want to let out a villainous laugh while you do it, feel free to.

Open up your content library

Many people use their iPhones for streaming; it’s easy to do, just download an app like Netflix or Prime Video and start watching away. Sometimes there are movies, iPhone games, or TV series that you want to watch which aren’t available to you because of the region you live in. Well, that’s not fair, is it?

A VPN has your corner, though, as you can select the right region, such as in Europe, and then enjoy all the content there is! Likewise, if you’re traveling abroad and use your iPhone to watch TV shows, you can use a US server to catch up with all your faves from back home.

VPNs are great for keeping your iPhone safe. But what makes them even better is all the additional benefits they bring. What do you think, are going to try one out?

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