Mobile Working: How Your Data Is At Risk

One of the many positive impacts that technology has had on society, and more specifically in business, is that it has enabled jobs and processes to be completed much more quickly. Automation and machine learning all help businesses to operate more effectively and more profitably. It’s also had an impact on the way people work too. More people are now choosing not to be tied to one desk or even to one office. They are choosing to work wherever they want, remotely, and at a time that suits them. We are truly in the Post-PC era where workers are no longer tied to their desks and can take advantage of devices like the iPhone and iPad to work on the go more efficiently.

This freedom to work whenever and wherever they want is known to have a positive impact on productivity and efficiency. Allowing employees to fit work in around increasingly busy lifestyles is something that many employers are now embracing, many people seeking work want this benefit as a bare minimum before they accept the job or even apply. 

However, this freedom comes with an element of risk. Mobile working i.e using your iPhone or iPad on the go can be great but if you are the victim of a cyberattack or your data is compromised, then you don’t have the safety net of a big corporate IT infrastructure to fall back on. Once your data is captured or exposed, it’s probably gone for good and you may be responsible for having to sort it out. 

How is your Data at Risk from Mobile Working?

A lot of work that is carried out by people working remotely is done so on a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or an Android device. There are a number of risks associated with using these devices for work, some of which are outlined below:

Not implementing correct security software – For many people, switching between a personal phone and a work phone is a seamless activity but it could have far-reaching consequences. Work mobile devices should be set up with security software that can be found on sites like However, the problem arises when work is carried out on a personal device that does not have the same level of security. Sending business emails or SMS messages from a personal device such as your own iPhone, that does not have security software poses a much greater risk and employees should think carefully before doing this. 

Using Public Wi-Fi – Logging into a network using an unsecured public Wi-Fi like in a café or coffee shop is a huge business risk if you are working on confidential or sensitive documents. With the right knowledge, it can be easy for criminals to gain access to your mobile device and infiltrate important documents and data. Using a VPN may help to mitigate some of the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi. 

Simply being watched – Some cybercrime doesn’t even require the criminal to be online. When working in a public space, you should always be aware of who is around you and what’s happening. It can be easy for someone to be watching over your shoulder and to note down or even record what you are doing. This will give them access to sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, names, and addresses. 

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