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iOSHacker is an independent tech publication that exclusively posts articles about Apple’s software platforms. Due to our focus on the iOS and macOS platforms, over the past 8+ years we have built a strong readership of tech enthusiasts most of whom own at least one Apple gadget. Almost all of our readers own iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac computers.

Our site gets over 180k unique visitors per month with 250k+ page views. While we enjoy a worldwide audience most of our traffic comes from U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries with vast majority of readers accessing the site from mobile platforms.

Our tech-savvy audience consists of highly sought after age bracket of 18 – 44 years with 80 percent of readers belonging to this age category.

Other notable stats about the site include domain authority of 57, a growing YouTube channel with over 7,500 subscribers and 2.3 million+ views, 12,000+ Facebook likes, 2,000+ Twitter followers and 500+ Instagram followers. We also have a sizeable following on Pinterest and Apple News.

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