First and foremost iOSHacker is a place where people who immensely love Apple and its devices share their passion with the rest of the community. The website covers news, tutorials, tips and tricks, apps, games, hacks, and reviews related to iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV delivering fresh, useful, and interesting articles to our readers.

Here at iOSHacker, we are proud of the fact that our site is read and loved by millions around the world. We also take pride in the unique content we publish and make great efforts to make sure that it is always precise and offers value to our readers.

Meet the team

Zaib Ali

Zaib Ali is the founder and Editor-in-Chief here at iOSHacker. He started writing about Apple to express his affection for everything the company produced. He is a Computer Science graduate from the University of West London. He is also the voice behind the iOSHacker YouTube channel. When he is not writing for the blog, you can find him creating content strategies for iOSHacker, reading a book, or dreaming about his next adventure. Read his articles here.

Logan McGregor


Logan McGregor is a writer for iOSHacker. He enjoys writing articles, especially on hardware. He is interested in home automation, and graphic design and enjoys ROM hacking. He is also a fan of Rick Astley, and enjoys Rick Rolling the editor-in-chief. A lot. Read his articles here.

Ramsha Ali

Meet Ramsha, a creative soul with a degree of Masters in English Linguistics and an Apple lover. A devoted content writer who enjoys weaving words together and writing about technology, iOS apps, iPhone accessories, health & fitness, you name it! And a reader who finds solace at the sight of books, and an escape between pages. Read her articles here,

Khadeeja Jawed

Khadeeja Jawed

Khadeejah is a content writer, marketer, and blogger- who writes for lawyers, tech geeks, and lifestyle enthusiasts. A writer by day and reader by night! When she is not writing, you will find her active in the fitness center, shopping, and watching movies! Read her articles here.

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