Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar Is Perfect For A Mac Desk Setup

Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar

A monitor light bar has become an essential part of modern desk setups. This accessory provides illumination to the whole desk from the top making it easier for users to type, read, draw, and perform other work or study-related tasks with ease.

In this article, we will talk about the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar, a monitor light bar that sits right above your monitor and offers adjustable controls to create the perfect lighting setup in any home or office desk setup.

Why get a monitor light bar?

A light bar is a must-have accessory for any desk setup. A good light bar provides the necessary illumination to the desk, making it easier for users to perform day-to-day tasks. What makes a monitor light bar great is its ability to provide uniform lighting to the whole desk without taking up any desk space. You can place the light bar on top of your display and simply forget about it.

Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar

I got to test the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar at my home office. Here I have shared my experience with this light bar. But before we get into the details of my experience, let’s first talk about its features.

Adjustable lighting

With the Quntis Monitor Light Bar, you get a fully customizable experience. You can not only change the brightness of the light bar and make it as dim or bright as you need, but you can also adjust its color temperature.

Both the brightness and color temperature of this light bar can be controlled by the wireless- remote control, which comes with a visual button interface. Users can slide their fingers left or right to change settings. The controller offers 15 sensitive dots each of which changes the level of brightness and color temperature for the light.

When it comes to color temperature the Quntis Monitor Light Bar offers a wide range to choose from starting at 3000K up to 6500K. This lets you achieve both warm and cool lighting for your desk.

Design and looks

Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar

What makes the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar great is its design. You can use this light bar with any monitor, so no matter if you have a flat-screen monitor or a curved monitor, this light bar will sit perfectly on it. For curved monitors, it come with a triple-section weighted clip and an adjustment pad, which increases stability. You can use it with monitors that are 0.19-inch to 3.54-inch thick without any issues.

The Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar acts as an asymmetric light source for your desk setup. This means the light is evenly distributed to a large area. The light is pointed towards the bottom, which means you will not feel it in your eyes. The throw of the light is set at an angle of 45° to make sure it does not fall into your eye contact.

In the keyboard and mouse area of your desk, which is the most important part of your desk, the light bar delivers up to 832 lux of light, while 657 lux is delivered in the remaining area. The light also illuminates the rest of your desk by delivering 440 lux in the rest of the desk area.

As the light bar sits right above the monitor, you might be wondering where would the webcam go. Well, this light bar comes what a webcam-friendly design, which features an L-type cable and a non-slip rubber at the top, where you can place your webcam without any issues.

Auto-dimming and more

The Quntis Monitor Light Bar features Auto Dimming functionality and a 2-hour timing function, which is controlled by its ambient light sensor. This sensor monitors your surrounding brightness and automatically adjusts the brightness of the light to maintain optimal levels. This is an important feature as by maintaining light’s optimal levels the light makes sure you can avoid visual fatigue from excessive or insufficient light in your work area.

Another really useful feature of the Quntis Monitor Light Bar is the 2-hour auto-off timer mode. This time mode, which is activated by long pressing the power button starts a 2-hour auto-off timer, which turns the light bar off automatically after the 2 hours. This feature is designed to make sure that you get the much-needed break after working for 2 hours straight, and it also saves power as it makes sure the light bar turns off automatically even when you are not around.

Pricing and availability

You can buy the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 LightBar from Amazon for $55.99. You can also purchase Quntis’s official website here.

My experience with using the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar

Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Monitor Light Bar

I replaced my traditional desk lamp with the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 at my home office desk. As a heavy user of that lamp, I was skeptical about whether a light bar was a good choice for me. That skepticism vanished as soon as I installed this light bar on my monitor and turned it on for the first time.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by how easy it was to install the light bar to the monitor. I have a flat-screen monitor so installation was super simple. However, those who have a curved monitor will also face no trouble and can take advantage of the adjustment cover that comes with it.

The build quality of the light and the wireless controller is also good. It feels like a solid product that would last a long time.

As soon as I turned it on there was an instant improvement on my desk. The monitor light bar not only provided great illumination to my desk but the removal of the traditional desk lamp freed up the all-important real estate on the desk, making it a lot less cluttered than before. Even the wireless controller of the light bar that is used to change the brightness and color temperature helps in reducing clutter by being compact and wireless.

I love the fact that you can completely customize the light of this light bar based on your needs. The shift from warm to cool light changes the mood and provides much-needed flexibility to those who work late at night.

The auto-dimming feature of the Quntis ScreenLinear HY210 Light Bar is also quite useful. It automatically adjusts the light’s brightness based on the room’s lighting conditions without requiring any effort from the user. So if you have a brightly lit room the light will automatically get brighter while it will become dimmer as soon as lighting is reduced in the room.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Customization options
  • Auto-dimming feature
  • Wireless controls


  • Dimmer compared to the competition
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