Best AI-Based Homework Helper Apps For iPhone And iPad

best AI homework helper apps
best AI homework helper apps

In this article, we discuss the best AI homework helper apps that can ease your academic burdens and enhance your understanding of various subjects. 

The pressure to excel in today’s competitive educational world is real, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The weight of pending assignments, the ticking clock, and the fear of not grasping a concept can be downright stressful.

We all know that late-night cramming sessions and frantic Google searches for answers are not the ideal way to learn. They can leave you mentally exhausted and, quite frankly, demotivated. 

But what if we told you that there’s a smarter, more efficient way to tackle your academic challenges?

Ace Your Exams with Study and AI Tutor Apps for iPhone

Homework can sometimes feel like an insurmountable mountain, looming over our academic journey. However, with iPhone homework apps, you can make your life as a student a whole lot easier. 

These iPhone learning apps are designed to be your personal academic companions, offering solutions, explanations, and guidance at your fingertips. So, if you’re ready, let’s discuss the best AI homework helper apps you can download now:

1. AI Writing Keyboard TypeGenius

The AI Writing Keyboard TypeGenius app for iPhone makes sure you don’t make any typos or grammar mistakes in your homework by correcting your mistakes on the go. The app also helps with homework by letting you quickly paraphrase text, translate text into any language, and replace words with synonyms for better and more professional-sounding work.

TypeGenius AI can also be used to make concepts easier to understand as this tool uses artificial intelligence to explain concepts in easy-to-understand words. Want to write whole essays or conduct research without scrolling through websites? Just ask TypeGenius AI to write an essay for you.

Download the AI Writing Keyboard TypeGenius now.

2. AI Chatbot, AI Chat: KnowItAll

Available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS the KnowItAll app takes advantage of ChatGPT-4 to help you with your homework. This app helps you research different topics, solve math problems, understand complex topics with phrases like explain me like I am 5, easily rewrite or paraphrase text, and more.

You can use KnowItAll AI-based app to brainstorm on different topics and summarize long paragraphs into easy-to-understand text. This app also enables you to fix typos and grammar mistakes and can help you in making your written text more sophisticated.

Want to write code or understand how coding concepts work? You can use this app to not only understand complex coding techniques but also write pieces of code.

Download the KnowItAll app now.

3. AIR MATH. Homework Helper

AI based homework helper apps

Need help with math homework? Stuck on complicated math equations from your geometry homework? AIR MATH AI based homework helper app is here to save the day. Whether it’s algebra, calculus, or any math-related challenge, this app is here to make your academic life a whole lot easier.

Simply snap a picture of your math problem, and within moments, the AI will suggest accurate answers. And the best part that makes it one of the best AI homework helper apps? You’re not limited to just answers. If you want a more elaborate, step-by-step solution, expert math tutors are available to assist you via live chat.

However, AIR MATH doesn’t just stop at scanning and solving equations. It also recognizes word problems and converts them into equations, simplifying complex text-based questions and turning them into solvable equations. And guess what? It won’t break the bank. AIR MATH offers free tickets through daily check-ins and friend invites, making it an affordable option for every student.

Download AIR MATH now.

4. Math AI: Problem Solver Helper

math helper apps for iPhone

Struggling with math concepts? Math AI is your go-to companion. This step-by-step math helper app for iPhone comes loaded with features that will help you not only get unstuck ASAP but also gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Whether you’re dealing with Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, or more, just snap a photo, and Math AI will instantly recognize the problem. It provides interactive step-by-step explanations, guiding you through the problem-solving process. This feature is a game-changer, helping you comprehend not just the answer but the method to get there, making it one of the best AI homework helper apps.

For each problem, you can scroll through multiple solving methods. This means you can choose the approach that resonates best with you, making learning a personalized experience. Furthermore, Math AI allows you to record your notes and explanations for any problem. Thus, you can easily revisit your learning journey and reinforce your understanding of mathematical concepts. And you never have to worry about losing track of your progress as it saves it all in the history tab. 

Download Math AI now.

5. Nerd AI – Homework Helper

study and AI tutor apps for iPhone

Nerd AI is not just for the nerds! It covers a wide range of subjects, offering explanations, summaries, and even essay writing help, making it the best AI homework helper app. The cutting-edge features allow you to effortlessly generate compelling essays, captivating blogs, and polished presentation scripts. You can even customize the word count and writing tone to match your specific requirements or cater to a particular audience.

But, it isn’t just here to help with writing. With intelligent grammar hints and text translation tools, it helps you level up your linguistic game. And if you’re drowning in a sea of reading assignments, the summarization feature can summarize any text, book, or article in mere seconds to make your reading experience a breeze.

Oh and, this iPhone homework helper app (free of charge) can also be your coding mentor. It provides comprehensive assistance with any programming language, explaining the logic behind the code, and helping you take your coding skills to new heights.

Download Nerd AI now.

6. Answer.AI – Your AI Tutor

iPhone learning apps

Feeling lost in your studies? Must find a reliable answer app for physics and math? Whether you’re dealing with math problems that seem like hieroglyphics or need help polishing your writing by checking for grammar mistakes, Answer.AI has got you covered. stands out of the crowd for its unwavering availability, offering 24/7 support to tackle any questions or difficulties you might encounter during your study sessions. And in the process of answering your queries, it provides incredibly detailed solutions, guiding you through the methods and thought processes step by step. This means you’re not just getting answers, you’re learning, and that’s the key to long-lasting academic success.

What makes it one of the best AI homework helper apps is that it’s constantly learning and improving, ensuring that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. This means you can trust that you’re always working with the latest knowledge.

Download Answer.AI now.

7. Answer AI: The Math Solver App

iPhone homework apps

Math can be a real headache, but Answer AI can ease your pain and swiftly solve math problems without a hitch. But not just math, it covers a wide range of subjects and levels. Whether you’re in high school or college, this app is your go-to resource if you need to find an answer app for chemistry, physics, biology, or math, this is it.

Rest assured that it can handle equations written on paper or even those scribbled on a whiteboard. Whether the math problem is neatly printed or hastily handwritten, Answer AI has got it covered. Additionally, the app doesn’t leave you hanging with just the answers. To keep up with the competition, it goes the extra mile by providing interactive step-by-step explanations. So, you won’t just know the solution, you’ll understand how it was derived, deepening your comprehension of the subject matter, and making it the best AI homework helper app.

Download Answer AI now.

8. Studyable – AI Homework Help

iPhone homework helper apps free

Studyable is an all-in-one solution for your homework needs. Whether you need an answer app for algebra or calculus, it ensures that your learning experience is smooth and efficient. You’ll no longer feel lost in the whirlwind of algebra, geometry, calculus, and discrete math. With support for a wide range of math topics, including algebraic expressions, trigonometry, and calculus, this app ensures that complex math is made comprehensible.

What truly makes it one of the best AI homework helper apps is its personal AI tutor, ready to assist you. This AI tutor doesn’t just stop at images – it can browse the web and perform calculations, making it your intelligent companion for tackling any academic challenge. Whether you need a tutor for math, science, history, languages, or various other subjects, it’s got you covered.

Cherry on top, you can delve into the world of flashcards and study guides, with a vast library at your disposal. These resources cover a wide array of subjects, making it an all-encompassing study tool. 

Download Studyable now.

9. Studdy – AI Tutor

homework answers scanner

No more late-night struggles with homework, Studdy homework answers scanner is your ultimate academic companion, designed to make learning a breeze. This personal AI tutor is your go-to source for help in any school subject. 

Whether you’re grappling with math, chemistry, or physics, or simply need help summarizing a text, the “Lens for Every Subject” feature has got you covered. It handles math problems, including word problems, multistep, and multiple-choice questions with ease. Plus, it offers translation assistance in over 100 languages, ensuring that language is no barrier to understanding. 

But perhaps the most exciting part is the “Do Anything” lens, which allows you to take a picture and instruct Studdy on how it can assist you.  One of the best AI homework helper apps, it’s not limited to a specific grade level or subject. It offers step-by-step solutions and explanations to problems ranging from 4th through 8th grade to advanced topics like Calculus 1, 2, and 3, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Numerical Analysis. It is your all-in-one homework solution.

Download Studdy – AI Tutor now.

A Smarter Way to Study

Homework can be stressful, but here’s the thing: stressing out is not a MUST. Remember, you’ve got a secret weapon now – those AI-powered answer apps for all subjects that fit right in your pocket. 

The best of the best AI homework helper apps are designed to make your academic journey smoother, your learning more efficient, and those tough assignments more manageable. So, take a breather, put those apps to work, and let your newfound digital friends simplify complex subjects, provide clear explanations, and help you tackle challenging assignments. 

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