Best iPhone Camera Apps For 2024 (Tested)

Best iPhone Camera Apps

In this blog, we discuss the eight best iPhone camera apps that help transform your snaps from “nice” to “mind-blowing.” These apps have proven to be great alternatives to the stock Camera app, providing more control and features to the users.

With a gazillion camera apps out there, each promising to transform your pics into visual poetry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But you don’t have to get yourself overwhelmed over anything – we’ve got you covered. 

We rolled up our sleeves, put our lenses to the test, and navigated the maze of app features to bring you the best iPhone camera apps. Don’t get us wrong, we didn’t just casually try these apps. Oh no, we went full-on paparazzi mode. 

How We Tested These Apps 

Armed with the trusty iPhone 11, 13, and the latest iPhone 15, we embarked on a photographic adventure to put these camera apps through rigorous testing. From the golden glow of sunrise to the shadows of dusk, we explored every lighting imaginable. Our subjects? Everything from serene still-life setups to landscapes, portraits, and action scenes. We left no stone unturned—or unphotographed.

But it wasn’t just about snapping pics. Oh no, we also ventured into the dynamic world of video, pushing the apps to their limits to pursue smooth, cinematic footage. Ease of use was a constant companion on our journey. And post-shoot editing tools were fair game.

Eight Best iPhone Apps to Upgrade iPhone Photography Game

In the pursuit of the perfect shot, we took a deep dive into a multitude of iPhone camera apps. After rigorous testing, here are our top picks:

1. Halide Mark II – Pro Camera 

Halide Mark II - Pro Camera 

Halide, the much-anticipated camera app, has certainly lived up to the hype, securing its place as a go-to choice for iPhone photographers. Tested and tried, here’s the lowdown on what makes it the best iPhone app for shooting RAW and where it could use a bit of polish.

The Good Stuff:

Let’s start with the positives that make it the best iPhone camera app because, trust us, there are plenty. Halide’s gesture-based interface is nothing short of brilliant. It’s not just user-friendly, it’s downright intuitive. With the ability to change exposure and manual focus with a simple swipe, even one-handed use feels like a breeze.

The professional tools bundled in Halide are, without a doubt, the cream of the crop in the App Store. XDR 14-bit RAW streaming waveform views, color zebras, focus peaking, loupe, histograms, adaptive level grid, and manual depth capture – it’s a photography enthusiast’s dream. Plus, Halide’s ProRAW support is unmatched, offering a level of flexibility that photographers crave.

Moreover, it excels in post-processing too. From capturing RAW, TIFF, HEIC, or JPG to the powerful reviewer for detailed metadata views and batch exports, Halide covers all the bases.

Room for Improvement:

Now, let’s talk about limitations. While Halide is a powerhouse, certain features have hardware restrictions. ProRAW, for instance, requires an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max or newer. The Ultra Wide and selfie cameras don’t support RAW or manual focus unless on iOS 15. Waveform requires iPhone 8 or newer, and Depth Capture needs an iPhone 7 Plus or newer.

Download Halide Mark II – Pro Camera now.

2. Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

Camera+ impressed us with its seamless blend of a powerful camera and robust editing tools. The clarity of images marks it as one of the best apps for iPhone photography, and after putting it through the paces, here’s what we found:

The Good Stuff:

The integration with your photo library is a game-changer. Simply put, editing photos in place, without the hassle of importing and exporting, is a time-saver and keeps your creative flow uninterrupted. However, Camera+ truly shines thanks to the range of capture presets. Let’s drill down all the available modes. Auto mode keeps it simple with a user-friendly interface, while Manual and RAW modes provide full control for those who like to get hands-on. On the other hand, Slow Shutter, Macro, and Action modes cater to specific shooting scenarios. More specifically, these modes ensure versatility in your photography toolkit.

Moreover, Camera+ makes capturing the perfect shot a breeze with various shooting assist options and shutter modes, including Smile mode, Stabilizer, Burst, and Timer. It’s evident that the app is designed to cater to both the novice and the pro. Thus making it one of the best iPhone camera apps.

Room for Improvement:

While Camera+ provides an array of tools for fine-tuning exposure, boosting shadows, and sharpening photos, some users might find the interface a bit overwhelming initially.

Download Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor now.

3. RAW+ Pro DSLR Manual Camera

RAW+ Pro DSLR Manual Camera

RAW+ carves its niche as a camera app for those who appreciate a hands-on approach to photography. On that note, let’s discuss what makes it the best iPhone camera app with manual controls and what could’ve been better:

The Good Stuff:

RAW+ is the epitome of simplicity for purists and professionals alike. The always manual exposure ensures you have complete control over your shots, and the support for RAW and ProRAW formats is a cherry on top. Plus, the on-screen shutter and ISO controls make tweaking settings a breeze.

What marks it as one of the best iPhone camera apps is the manual focus override. You get the flexibility to fine-tune your focus whenever you desire. Custom white balance settings and the ability to toggle advanced features on or off in the settings menu add to the app’s versatility.

We particularly enjoyed the straightforward approach to features. The RGB histogram, grid and level overlays, and highlight and shadow clipping warnings cater to the needs of photography enthusiasts who value precision.

Room for Improvement:

While we understand that the iPhone’s fixed aperture is beyond the app’s control, it’s worth noting that aperture adjustments are off the table. For photographers accustomed to tweaking this setting, it might feel like a missing piece in the manual exposure puzzle.

Download RAW+ Pro DSLR Manual Camera now.

4. Filmic Pro-Video Camera

Filmic Pro-Video Camera

Having tested its capabilities, it’s safe to say Filmic Pro is a game-changer for filmmakers, vloggers, and anyone wanting to up their video content game. Thus making it the best iPhone camera app to replace stock camera.

The Good Stuff:

What impressed us the most were the new features introduced in V7. The dedicated Focus/Exposure Mode selector offered an intuitive way to navigate three focus and exposure modes. Whereas, the redesigned Manual Sliders provided discreet control over LV, ISO, shutter speed, and zoom.

Placing key functionalities at our fingertips in the main interface eliminated the need to dive into settings constantly. The Action Slider, revealing a real-time readout and control over vital settings, became a go-to tool for unmatched control. As for Filmic Pro v7’s pro audio capabilities, they were nothing short of stellar.

Now, let’s talk about the headline features that make it the best iPhone camera app. ProRes Capture, Log gamma curves, and Realtime Film Looks for cinematic results without grading were like a filmmaker’s dream come true.

Room for Improvement:

While the app offers an extensive array of features, it might be overwhelming for beginners. The learning curve is there, but once mastered, the capabilities are endless.

Download Filmic Pro-Video Camera now.

5. Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment

If you’re on the hunt for a manual camera app that brings DSLR-level controls to your fingertips without breaking the bank, look no further than Pro Camera. We took this app for a spin, and here’s the lowdown on what makes it a winner.

The Good Stuff:

Pro Camera doesn’t hold back when it comes to manual controls, making it the best iPhone camera app. With intuitive sliders, adjusting shutter speed, ISO, exposure, focus, and white balance is a breeze. Plus, the focus peaking feature is a total game-changer for precision. The app also caters to tricky lighting scenarios with split focus and exposure controls, zebra stripes for identifying over- and under-exposed areas, and a viewfinder grid offering composition options like thirds, squares, and the golden ratio. Plus, keeping your shot level is a cinch thanks to the on-screen gyroscope and haptic feedback.

Listen up photography buffs, it excels with RAW and TIFF shooting, offering the best of both worlds with RAW+JPG. And for filmmakers, it delights with customizable color spaces, codecs, and bitrates for precise video control.

Room for Improvement:

While the iPhone camera app’s full manual controls impress us combined with its extensive free features, some functionalities like Timelapse mode and Slow Shutter mode come with additional costs. 

Download Pro Camera by Moment now.

6. Blackmagic Camera

Blackmagic Camera

The promise of unlocking the cinematic ‘look’ of Hollywood feature films right from our iPhone intrigued us, and after putting it through its paces, we’ve got some thoughts. Let’s break down the good and the bad regarding this iPhone camera app with Professional controls:

The Good Stuff:

First off, the controls – interactive and straightforward, make it the best iPhone camera app. Adjusting settings like frame rate, shutter angle, white balance, and ISO is a breeze. The heads-up display (HUD) is a game-changer, giving quick access to essential controls like lens selection, timecode, and audio levels.

The flexibility to shoot in different aspect ratios, including vertical, was a nice touch. Moving on, the live sync to Blackmagic Cloud Storage is cutting-edge for workflow efficiency. The instant upload of proxy files followed by camera originals means you can dive into editing at lightning speed. No more waiting around – your footage is ready to roll in the editing suite almost immediately.

Room for Improvement:

Now, while the Blackmagic Camera is a powerhouse, it’s not without its quirks. The need for an iPhone 8 or newer for certain features might leave some older iPhone users feeling left out. Also, the learning curve for accessing advanced settings might be a tad steep for beginners, but with time, it becomes second nature.

Download Blackmagic Camera now.

7. Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera

Protake - Mobile Cinema Camera

Protake, the app that promises to bring the professional cinema camera experience to your mobile device, has been put to the test. 

The Good Stuff:

Starting with the highlights, Protake introduces a groundbreaking Wi-Fi Video Transmission system. This feature, available in AUTO and PRO modes, allows seamless video transmission from one “camera” to four “monitors” (yes, iPhones and iPads). Plus, the various shooting modes, including AUTO, PRO, DUAL, and PORTRAIT, cater to a spectrum of users, from vloggers to professional filmmakers.

When it comes to color, Protake offers a genuine LOG gamma curve in LOG mode, matching your device’s color to the industrial standard of ALEXA Log C. Cinematic Looks, categorized into various styles, provide filmmakers with a dozen options to enhance their storytelling visually. In terms of data management, Protake shines with Frame Rate Normalization, ensuring a strictly constant FPS, and a robust file-naming system, making organization a breeze. 

Room for Improvement:

While the app offers an impressive array of features that make it the best iPhone camera app, some users may find the extensive options overwhelming initially.

Download Protake – Mobile Cinema Camera now.

8. ProCam 8 – Pro Camera

ProCam 8 - Pro Camera

ProCam 8 combines a stellar camera app with comprehensive photo and video editing tools. Now, after giving it a thorough workout, let’s dive into what sets it apart in the bustling world of photography apps.

The Good Stuff:

Let’s start with the shooting modes. The variety here is a definite plus, making it the best iPhone camera app. Switching from the typical photo mode to the lively burst mode and the imaginative 3D photo mode (for those with a dual-lens camera system) offers a genuinely versatile array. Regarding portrait mode, it excels on all dual-lens camera systems and even extends its allure to iPhone XR and iPhone SE 2020. Plus, when it comes to photo shutter release options, the app covers all the bases. 

Let’s shift our focus to video. The range of frame rates and resolutions accommodates both casual videographers and those in pursuit of cinematic quality. Whereas, the incorporation of high frame rate options allows for experimentation with various visual styles. However, the real standout is in the manual controls. From exposure to shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance, the DSLR-inspired scroll and steppers system provides a professional touch.

Room for Improvement:

The in-app purchase requirement for certain resolutions might be a downside for some users. Also, the native support for certain features on specific iPhone models might limit functionality for those with older devices.

Download ProCam 8 – Pro Camera now.

From well-lit coffee shops to the dimly lit corners of our living rooms, we scrutinized each app’s performance. And after rigorous testing and pixel-perfect scrutiny, it’s clear that each app brings a unique flavor to the table. Whether you’re a casual shooter or an aspiring filmmaker, there’s an app tailored to your needs.

So here were our favorite iPhone Camera app alternatives. What do you think about these options? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Now, we want to hear from you! What’s your go-to iPhone camera app, and why? Drop your thoughts in the comments below and let’s keep the conversation going.

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