Best Widget Maker Apps For iPhone And iPad

Best widget maker apps

In this article, we discuss the best iPhone widget maker apps that enhance personalization, add a touch of individuality to our devices, and foster a seamless flow of information.

The need for widgets arises from our collective desire for a more intuitive, personalized, and efficient smartphone experience. Unlike static icons, widgets provide real-time updates, allowing users to glance at their screens and absorb relevant data without delving into multiple apps.

Whether it’s checking the weather, tracking fitness goals, or staying on top of appointments, widgets bring efficiency to our fingertips.

Must-Try Apps to Create Home Screen Widgets

From calendar events and to-do lists to email previews, these bite-sized previews minimize the need for app-switching, saving valuable time and effort.

In a fast-paced digital landscape, where every moment counts, widgets emerge as efficient tools that bridge the gap between our tasks and our devices. So, let’s explore the seven best iPhone widget maker apps you can try today.

1. Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme

Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme

Widgetable brings a plethora of iOS 16 widgets to your lock and home screen, transforming your device into a dynamic and personalized hub. Among its standout features is the Pet Widget, where you can raise virtual pets, co-parent with friends, and create adorable companions that share their virtual lives with you.

But if you’re a plant guy, the Plant Widget allows you to nurture a variety of plants, decorating your screen with flowers, greenery, and fruits. 

This iPhone widget app also features Friends Distance, Status & Moods, Note, and Little Signal widgets to keep you connected. And the Do it! Widget aids productivity by displaying your next task on the home screen.

Miss You Widget lets you express love by showing how many times you miss a friend, adding a heartfelt touch to your digital connections. Mood Bubbles allow you to represent your mood with colorful potions, creating a unique visual experience. There’s something for everyone and that’s why this is considered one of the best iPhone widget maker apps.

Download Widgetable: Pet & Widget Theme now.

2. Widgetsmith 


If customization is your game, then Widgetsmith home screen widget app for iPhone is your MVP. From showcasing your favorite photos to keeping you updated on the date, weather, and even astronomy, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

What makes it one of the best iPhone widget maker apps is its dynamic scheduling feature, giving you the power to dictate when and how each widget graces your home screen.

Imagine waking up to the weather, seamlessly transitioning to your calendar during work hours, and wrapping up the day with a glance at your Activity ring progress. Neat, right?

For those with an Apple Watch, the Activity widgets add an extra layer of functionality, keeping you in the loop with your fitness progress.

The app doesn’t stop at widgets – it’s a toolkit in itself. Need to check the weather or convert time zones? Widgetsmith’s got you covered. What’s even better? These tools launch automatically based on the active widget you tap.

Download Widgetsmith now.

3. Lock + Home Widgets Widgetopia

Lock + Home Widgets Widgetopia

Bringing widgets to both your lock and home screens, the Widgetopia custom widget app for iPhone users is a multitasking marvel. Offering a staggering collection of over 75,000 pre-built widgets, you have the flexibility to choose and personalize your screen instantly. 

Widgetopia empowers you to become a widget virtuoso by providing robust design tools to create your own unique designs, making it the best iPhone widget maker app.

Dive into a palette of 5,000+ icons, 100+ wallpapers, and 70 widget themes, ensuring your iPhone is not just a device but a reflection of your style. 

With features like Weather Widget (current, hourly, daily), Calendar Widget, Health Widget, Photo Widget, and more, Widgetopia seamlessly integrates functionality into your personalized space.

The inclusion of transparent widgets, custom JSON endpoints, and animated GIFs opens up endless possibilities for expression. Moreover, the ability to remix any existing widget adds a layer of creativity, allowing you to tailor widgets to your heart’s content.

Download Lock + Home Widgets Widgetopia now.

4. Widget – Add to Home Screen

Widget - Add to Home Screen

Simplicity meets functionality with Widget – Add to Home Screen. This customizable widget app for iPhone streamlines the widget creation process, allowing you to effortlessly add widgets to your home screen without any fuss. But it doesn’t stop there—promising continuous value, the app commits to rolling out additional widgets in the future, all for free.

Creating your own widgets has never been easier. Widget offers a variety of templates to suit every taste and purpose. Whether you’re going for a minimalist vibe or a burst of vibrant colors, the template selection caters to your style. And the customization options don’t end there.

Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your mood and select fonts that resonate with your personality. It’s the trifecta of template, color, and font that makes it the best iPhone widget maker app, giving you the power to curate a home screen that is uniquely yours.

Download Widget – Add to Home Screen now.

5. Widgets 17

Widgets 17

For those who crave variety, Widgets 17 is a treasure trove of options. This app to create home screen widgets allows you to inject a personalized touch into your device by seamlessly incorporating shortcuts, photos, health data, and contacts directly onto your home screen.

The beauty lies in the versatility it provides, giving you the power to curate your digital space with elements that matter most to you.

One notable feature that sets Widgets 17 apart is its integration with the Health app (HealthKit). By gaining access to HealthKit, the app takes personalization to the next level, reading and tracking your steps and exercise data.

This information is then translated into widgets displayed prominently on your Lock Screen. Now, your health and fitness journey becomes an integral part of your device, serving as a constant reminder of your progress and goals.

What makes it one of the best iPhone widget maker apps is that it doesn’t just stop at functionality, but extends to aesthetics as well. The app allows you to create or download exclusive wallpapers, ensuring that your home screen reflects your unique style.

Download Widgets 17 now.

6. AnyWidget: Lock Screen Widgets

AnyWidget: Lock Screen Widgets

The beauty of AnyWidget lies in its versatility, and in the iOS16 world, it takes the customization game up a notch.

The addition of widgets to the Lock Screen introduces a dynamic dashboard of information—from launchers and shortcuts to time, date, calendar events, progress trackers, and more. Thus making it one of the best iPhone widget maker apps available today.

Diving into the widget types, this lock screen widget app for iPhone presents a multitude of options. First up, the App Launcher feature grants access to a curated list of hundreds of popular apps and system apps.

This means effortless one-click access to your favorite applications directly from the Lock Screen, streamlining your digital experience.

Shortcuts, another gem in AnyWidget’s arsenal, allows you to add personalized shortcuts by entering names, web links, or app schemes. Features like Date Progress, Days Counter, Icon & Text customization options, and Inline size options are game-changers.

Moreover, AnyWidget also caters to diverse aesthetic preferences with widget size options, offering both Circular and Rectangular layouts. 

Download AnyWidget: Lock Screen Widgets now.

7. PicCo Widget Custom Homescreen

PicCo Widget Custom Homescreen

Closing our list is PicCo Widget Custom Homescreen, your go-to widget maker app in 2024. Using this app, you can opt for charming Photo Frames to add a personalized touch to your images, creating a visual feast on your home screen.

The Day Counting feature allows you to keep track of significant life events or eagerly countdown to upcoming activities, injecting a sense of anticipation into your daily digital experience. Additionally, the Calendar widget adds a dash of color and customization to your routine, making each day uniquely yours.

When it comes to aesthetics, PicCo Widget truly shines as one of the best iPhone widget maker apps. The app offers a selection of Backgrounds, allowing users to choose from various patterns and personalize colors to match their style preferences seamlessly.

Moreover, the Lettering feature enables the creation of unique widgets by experimenting with different fonts and lettering combinations, adding a personalized flair to your home screen.

Download PicCo Widget Custom Homescreen now.


The role of widgets in enhancing multitasking capabilities cannot be overstated. 

In our fast-paced lives, where juggling tasks is an art form, widgets allow users to seamlessly monitor multiple aspects of their digital lives concurrently. This multitasking prowess is particularly valuable in navigating our busy schedules, keeping us informed and in control without overwhelming us with a storm of notifications.

As these dynamic, information-rich elements continue to evolve, their significance in shaping the way we interact with our devices is set to grow. 

Which of the best iPhone widget-maker apps caught your eye? Do you have a hidden gem to share? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. 

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