Best Bluetooth Speakers That Double As Wireless Chargers

Best Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless chargers

In this article, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the cutting-edge world where audio prowess meets charging convenience! Here you will find the best Bluetooth speakers that double as Qi Wireless chargers that can charge your iPhone and other accessories.

Imagine a speaker that not only serenades you with your favorite tunes but also pulls double duty as a wireless charging wizard for your gadgets. It’s not science fiction—it’s the exciting reality of Bluetooth speakers that seamlessly blend exceptional sound quality with the convenience of wireless charging.

We’ve scoured the tech landscape to bring you the best wireless chargers that double as Bluetooth speakers and defy the ordinary by boasting the extraordinary ability to power up your devices sans cables.

Best Bluetooth Speakers with Wireless Charger

Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and hello to a harmonious symphony of sound and charging innovation. Let’s dive into the future of audio and power seamlessly united!

1. Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker 

Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes with Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker that boasts full resonant bass and crystal-clear tones, delivering a high-fidelity audio experience like never before.

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the SoundForm Elite Speaker gives you the freedom to play and control your music wirelessly. Experience room-filling sound that transforms your home into a musical haven, ensuring that every note is heard with precision.

This iPhone wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker doubles as a wireless charger with integrated fast charging capabilities. It supports 7.5W for iPhones, 9W for Samsung devices, and an impressive 10W for Google devices. The innovative vibration-canceling technology ensures a steady and uninterrupted charging experience for your devices.

Buy Belkin SOUNDFORM Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker for $94.99 here.

2. i-box Dawn Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth

The i-box Dawn Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth is the bedside companion that seamlessly blends functionality and style. Say goodbye to the hassle of charging your devices away from your bedside, thanks to the built-in QI Wireless Charging pad. Compatible with all Qi-enabled phones, it lets you effortlessly charge your device without the tangle of wires.

Setting the perfect wake-up time is a breeze with the Dual Alarm function. You can now tailor two different wake-up times, ensuring you and your partner are always on schedule. And why wake up to a generic alarm when you can start your day to the tunes of your favorite FM station? The Dawn lets you personalize your morning soundtrack.

The 5-level light dimmer allows you to find the ideal brightness for the LED display, creating a soothing ambiance in any setting. Plus, with the Upgraded Version, the LED display is now even dimmer, ensuring a gentle glow during the night.

But the i-box Dawn isn’t just a functional marvel; it’s also a feast for the eyes. Boasting premium materials, a soft-touch top face, and a fabric wrap surround, this alarm clock effortlessly elevates the aesthetics of any space, be it your bedroom or kitchen counter.

Buy i-box Dawn Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth for $31.29 here.

3. PLUWEL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The PLUWEL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a versatile gadget that seamlessly combines functionality with style. Imagine a desk lamp that’s not just a source of light but also a Bluetooth speaker, night light, and wireless phone charger with a convenient stand.

This multifunctional marvel comes equipped with a large-capacity battery, ensuring your phone stays powered up even when you’re on the move. It’s not just a speaker; it’s a power-packed companion catering to your diverse needs.

The auditory experience is equally impressive. Revel in stereo sound and deep bass, thanks to its top-notch audio capabilities. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection extends the range to 39 feet, ensuring a stable and immersive musical experience. A voice prompt confirms your successful connection, setting the stage for a seamless and enjoyable music session anywhere, anytime.

Navigating through its features is a breeze. Switch between eight different lighting color modes with a simple press of the M button. Adjust the brightness of each color using the bulb button, offering you a personalized illumination experience. Whether you need a gentle nightlight or vibrant atmosphere lighting, the PLUWEL speaker has got you covered.

Buy PLUWEL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $40.99 here.

4. COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker

The COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect blend of style and functionality, designed to elevate your audio experience. With its cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.1 chip, this speaker and wireless charger for iPhone effortlessly connects to your devices with just one touch. Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated setups, as the humanized buttons on the speaker make it a breeze to control volume, skip songs, answer calls, or switch between playback and light modes.

Whether you’re on the go, hosting a party, or enjoying some downtime at home, the COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker is your ideal companion. Its versatility makes it suitable for various settings, ensuring you have a powerful and reliable audio solution wherever you need it.

What sets the COLSUR speaker apart is its thoughtfully designed charging plate. Featuring a convex surface and equipped with the latest N53 magnet, it securely clamps onto even large-size iPhone models, eliminating the worry of your device falling off. The snug fit ensures you can place your phone horizontally or vertically, and rest easy knowing it won’t shake during use.

Buy COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker for $49.99 here.

5. ANJANK Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

The ANJANK Wooden Bluetooth Speaker isn’t just a tech powerhouse; it’s also a visual delight. Its sleek, modern design resembles a beautiful piece of wood furniture, making it a chic addition to any room. The fusion of functionality and style makes it an ideal gift for your family, lovers, or friends – a thoughtful present that enhances both their space and daily routine.

The hi-fi speaker ensures a crystal-clear and robust audio experience, making your favorite tunes come alive. Plus, with the auto-sync time feature via Bluetooth, you’ll always be on schedule without lifting a finger.

This impressive device goes the extra mile with a 5V/1A USB port for charging additional electronic devices. Tune in to your preferred radio stations with a frequency range of 87.5-108MHz, and save your favorites for quick access. The sleep timer function, ranging from 10 to 120 minutes, adds a touch of convenience for both radio and Bluetooth use.

Buy ANJANK Wooden Bluetooth Speaker for $42.99 here.

6. JSAUX Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JSAUX wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed to be portable and compact, making it an excellent choice for birthdays, parties, and various holiday celebrations. Whether it’s for dad, mom, husband, wife, children, or friends, this gadget fits the bill.

Setting up the speaker is a breeze. Easy to pair and connect, it transforms into a dynamic music player with stable stereo sound, ensuring no distortion. Revel in the immersive experience of great sounding music, with strong bass, tight mids, and crystal-clear highs. And let’s not forget the convenience of hands-free calling with the built-in microphone and increased volume speaker.

For added functionality, the JSAUX Bluetooth speaker doubles as a phone stand. Imagine placing your phone on the speaker stand, freeing up your hands to enjoy a movie, listen to music, or make a video call with family. It’s not just a gadget; it’s a companion for your everyday activities. Need a kitchen helper? Use it to watch cooking videos, learn to cook a delicious meal, and more – the possibilities are endless.

Buy JSAUX Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $29.99 here.

7. COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker with Digital Alarm Clock

Crafted with quality materials, the COLSUR digital alarm clock boasts a touch-top interface and a fabric-wrapped speaker, adding a touch of sophistication to any room – be it your bedroom, living room, or kitchen counter. Its elegant design makes it not just a gadget but a thoughtful gift for someone special in your life.

The LED digital display clock is a game-changer with its 4-level brightness settings (dim, low, medium, and high), ensuring you can easily read the time in any lighting. The bedroom-friendly alarm clock lets you customize volume levels and even features a snooze mode, allowing you to sleep with peace of mind.

The COLSUR charging station and Bluetooth speaker for iPhone bring a thumping volume that immerses you in a sonic experience with rich bass. With an upgraded Bluetooth 5.0, it boasts an extended wireless range of 33ft, maintaining a stable connection even under challenging conditions.

Buy the COLSUR Bluetooth Speaker with Digital Alarm Clock for $54.99 here.

8. DOSS Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The DOSS  smart speaker and wireless charger for iPhone is the ultimate hands-free companion designed to elevate your multimedia experience. The standout feature? A Flexible Stretch Bracket design that liberates your hands, offering a plethora of viewing angles.

Crafted for stability, the speaker stand boasts 4 small rubber feet, ensuring a secure grip that won’t waver. No more annoying shifts and slips! The stand comes equipped with rubber padding on the back, providing a protective buffer for your naked phone.

The DOSS Cell Phone Stand isn’t just a convenience accessory; it’s a powerhouse of entertainment. The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers an immersive audio experience with tight mids and crystal-clear highs, all without a hint of distortion. And when duty calls, the speaker seamlessly transitions into a conference microphone, ensuring your calls are as clear as day.

Buy DOSS Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $39.99 here.

Wrapping up

Get ready to amplify your tunes and charge up your devices with style, as these gadgets redefine the way we groove and juice up, making every moment an electrifying celebration!

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