Google Photos For iOS Now Offers Depth Effect Editing, Even On Older iPhones

Google has updated the Google Photos app on the App Store to bring major new features to the application. With this update users will now be able to adjust bokeh or depth effect on photos taken with their Camera’s Portrait mode. In addition to depth effect editing, this update also brings new Color Pop feature to the app.

While the ability to adjust depth effect is not new for iPhone XS and XR users, it is certainly a big news for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus users. Apple has kept this Photos app feature, which allows users to adjust blur effect in portrait photos after taking the image limited to this year’s iPhone and has not given it to last year’s iPhone X or 8 Plus.

From what it looks like, Google seems to be performing its own processing on the images. While Google Photos isn’t the only app that is allowing users to adjust depth effect after the fact, it seems to be doing a pretty decent job on my iPhone X. It is also allowing users to change the focus of the photo by tapping on an area.

The update also brings Color Pop feature, which enables users to tap on the main subject of a portrait image for it to remain in color while the rest of the photo becomes desaturated to black and white.

You can access these new features by opening a Portrait photo that was taken with the Portrait mode of the Camera app and then tapping on the ‘Edit’ button (the one depicting three sliders). When you do so the Color Pop feature will appear as the first filter option, while you can get the Depth effect slider by tapping on Edit button one more time.

You can access both Depth Effect Editing and Color Pop features by download or updating to the latest available version of Google Photos app. The app is available in the App Store for free.

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