Things 3.6 Brings Full Keyboard Support For iPad, Quick Shortcuts And More

One of our favorite productivity apps Things just got a major update that brings some major new features including the full support for external keyboards on iPads. This means after updating to Things 3.6 you will be able to easily perform certain actions within the application with the help of the keyboard, without having to touch the screen again and again.

While you could type in the app before this update, now you will be able to select items using the arrow keys. When you first press on the down arrow the first item on the list will get selected. You can then move below the list or select multiple items by holding down the shift button, same as you can select multiple items on a Mac. Once the items have ben selected you can then take advantage of new shortcuts.

A bunch of app specific shortcuts have also been added in Things 3.6 including ability to insert a new to-do below you selection, opening and closing a to-do, moving items up and down the list, setting a date, marking a to-do as complete, duplicate, copy and paste.

Here’s a list of shortcuts highlighted on CulturedCode’s website.

  • Insert a to-do below your selection: ⌘ Cmd+N
  • Open a to-do with Return and Tab around inside of it.
  • Close the to-do again: ⌘ Cmd+Return
  • Move items up or down the list: ⌘ Cmd+/
  • Duplicate, copy, or paste items: ⌘ Cmd+D/C/V
  • Set a date: ⌘ Cmd+S
  • Mark it complete: ⌘ Cmd+K

You can quickly view a list of most frequently used shortcuts by holding down Cmd key. A long list of shortcuts is available here.

Things 3.6 also brings Type Travel feature to the iPad app, something that was already available to Mac users. Users can type where they want to go in the app and you are taken there instantly. For example, if you have a project, just type its name and hit enter, you will be taken to the project screen.

With this update undo and redo feature has been added to the iPad app.

While all the features mentioned above are focused on the iPad app, this update also brings some other features to the app that also work on the iPhone. Now users can add tags and deadlines to multiple to-dos at the same time by tapping on a group and then tapping on the ‘…’ button.

The app also brings drag and drop feature that makes it easier for users to move items by dragging them onto the sidebar.

You can download the Things app for iPhone, iPad and Mac here. You can read our complete review of the apps here.

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