Concept Imagines iOS 12 With Always-On Display For OLED iPhones

Now that we have an OLED iPhone and the future models of iPhones are also going to have the OLED screens capable of showing truly black pixels, it is perhaps the best time for Apple to add an always-on mode to the lockscreen.

Apple is going to take the stage next week to announce iOS 12, and while the software update is widely expected to bring improvements rather than drastic new features, we can’t help but wonder if Apple is going to add an always-on mode to the lockscreen and take advantage of device’s Super Retina display.

Website iHelpBR took the wondering to the next level and has created some really nice mockups demonstrating how this always-on OLED based lockscreen could look like, and the results are quite pretty.

According to the mockups posted by the site, the dark lockscreen could show the time, date, shortcuts and some information regarding stocks or weather. This is not much different than the Apple Watch watch faces, that also allow users to add these things with the help of ‘Complications’.

In fact Apple could also allow developers to create app complications for the iPhone lockscreen that would make it possible for users to view certain information from their apps without even unlocking their devices, hence helping in cutting down screen time.

The mockups also take advantage of 3D Touch functionality. When user force taps on these shortcuts a detailed menu appears right on the lockscreen allowing users to perform different actions more quickly. When 3D Touch action is invoked the screen turns on, bringing the colors back on.

It would certainly be cool to have this functionality added to iPhones with iOS 12. What are you thoughts about this concept? Let us know in the comments section below.

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