Backup tweak saves list of tweaks so you can install them quickly after restore

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One thing that has always bugged jailbreak users is that whenever they restore their iPhone or iPad and re-jailbreak it, they have to re-add everything from tweaks to sources. This wastes a lot of time and is just simply annoying. Luckily in the previous Cydia update Saurik added support for iTunes backups for sources, so now all your sources are automatically stored in the backup file and are added when you restore it.

Now a new Cydia tweak called Backup does a similar thing for tweaks. It is a command line based tweak that lets you save a list of currently installed Cydia tweaks in a query, which is saved as a .deb file at /user/documents/TweakBackups/. You can save this file on your computer, and then after restoring the device put it back on it. Afterwards all you have to do is run this query file and it will add all the tweaks you had previously installed on the device to the Cydia queue.

An important thing to note here is that the tweak adds the latest available versions of the tweaks in the Cydia queue, which you can install in a few taps. This tweak only backups a list of tweaks, not actual tweak files.

You can run the query by typing ‘backup’ in Terminal or SSH. In addition to that you can also assign Activator’s custom command and perform the action to run it.

Backup tweak is available in Cydia for free. You have to add ‘’ in your sources in order to install it.

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