Free Up GBs Space On iPhone With iCleaner Pro For iOS 12

If you ask us to name the most useful Cydia tweaks of all time, iCleaner Pro would definitely make the list. If you are familiar with this super useful tweak, then you would be pleased to know that its developer has recently updated iCleaner Pro and it now fully supports the iOS 12 jailbreak. What this means is you can now go ahead and download the latest version of iCleaner Pro on your jailbroken iPhone and use it to free up significant amount of disk space on your device.

iCleaner Pro tweak is capable of freeing up GBs of disk space from an iPhone or iPad. It does so by getting rid of files that cannot be deleted normally. When you run iCleaner Pro it will scan your device’s storage and then delete unused files, caches and things that are no longer useful. As a result it can potentially free up GBs of data in a single clean up.

Having iCleaner Pro installed can be very beneficial at times when you are running out of storage space and have run out of stuff to delete.

You can download iCleaner Pro tweak for iOS 12 from Cydia where it is available for free. Just add ‘’ to your sources and then download it.

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