List of Cydia tweaks that are working on iOS 7 [jailbreak]

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iOS 7 Jailbreak has been released and we would be surprised if you haven’t jailbroken your iOS devices yet. While evasi0n 7 brings the jailbreak to latest versions of iOS and supports all devices as of right now very few tweaks are working on iOS 7. This is because release of Evasi0n 7 tool came as a surprise to tweak developers and they had yet to update their tweaks for the newer version. Even Cydia isn’t fully ready to run on iOS 7 as Saurik and his team are currently working on the new version of the popular jailbreak Store.

While most tweaks don’t support iOS 7 yet there is still a significant amount of tweaks that are reportedly working on the new jailbreak. Here we are sharing a list of Cydia tweaks that have worked on jailbroken iOS 7 for users. While users have been able to successfully install and use them the results vary from device to device. Also, some of these tweaks might only work partially or may not work as intended causing your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to crash.

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List of Cydia tweaks working on iOS 7

  • Activator (Beta works through Ryan Petrich’s repo)
  • MyWi
  • 5 icon dock
  • ikeywi
  • SwipeSelection
  • WelcomeMe
  • OverAchiever
  • Plugication
  • Software Update Killer
  • ShakeToUndo Killer
  • NoStoreButton
  • NoPasscodeBlock
  • FakeClockUp
  • Privacy
  • Accelerate
  • TetherMe
  • GridLock
  • LocationFaker
  • iFile
  • iPhone4Parallax
  • Flipswitch
  • KillBackground7
  • Movie Box
  • Music Box
  • MyFile
  • Poof
  • Signal 2
  • Signal Booster (works after crashing on first open)
  • icleaner
  • ShowCase
  • No Carrier
  • No Percent Sign
  • Safari Resetter
  • HiddenSettings7
  • HarlemShake7
  • ResetAllKiller
  • Software Update Killer
  • ShakeToUndo killer
  • No Passcode Block
  • NoStoreButton
  • FireWall iP
  • XBMC app
  • Zeppelin (got updated for iOS 7)

For our ongoing coverage of new iOS 7 tweaks visit our Cydia hub.

Sources: Reddit, Google Docs (new link)

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    1. Don’t worry it’s the server problem
      Keep trying you’ll eventually get it
      It happens when the there are a lot of people of trying to download the tweak

    1. same here. how can it be in the list as it is not even possible to install it from cydia. PMP protect my privacy can be installed, but is broken as well.

  1. Somebody knows why I can’t download Activator on my iPhone 4 without the Beta version for iOS 7. My father did it using his iPhone 5S. Everytime I download Activator Beta for iOS 7, my phone crashes when it wants to respring. I don’t want to take the risk again, somebody help me?!

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