Return YouTube Dislike Tweak Brings Back YouTube’s Dislike Count

If you’re like everyone else and miss the dislike count that used to be displayed under YouTube videos, then install the Return YouTube Dislike tweak on your jailbroken device.

Return YouTube Dislike tweak brings back dislike count in the official YouTube app, showing you how many people how disliked a particular video.

While YouTube claims the dislike button is used to attack creators and it is hiding the dislike count from viewers to prevent what it calls ‘dislike attacks’ most users find the dislike count useful. Being able to see the like to dislike ratio allows users to assess a video and find out if it is helpful or not by looking at how many people have liked and disliked it.

Since YouTube only shows the amount of dislikes on a video to creators and has shut down the YouTube dislike API, Return YouTube Dislike tweak uses archived data from YouTube and extrapolates data from tweak’s users to show you an updated count.

In addition to using the jailbreak tweak you can also install Return YouTube Dislike’s desktop browser extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Brave. Unfortunately a browser extension for Safari is not available.

You can download the Return YouTube Dislike tweak from the Chariz repo for free. The tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14.

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