Free up to 700MB of storage space wasted by Siri with this method

Siri iOS 7

Siri is a fascinating feature that was added to iOS to bring AI to iPhones and later iPads. It allows you to perform different tasks through dictation using the voice recognition technology. While Siri is a nice and fancy feature sadly not many of us use it. So if you don’t use Siri on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad then we have a tip for you that can free up to 700MB of space your device.

Siri stores a bunch of extra data to remember the pronunciation of names, names of popular artists etc, if you don’t use Siri you can simply delete all that data to get an extra 0.7GB of space to use for other useful purposes. Follow the steps below to free up the space:

  1. Go to Settings>General>Siri and disable Siri.
  2. Navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Assets using iFile(available at Cydia), iExplorer(from PC or Mac) etc.
  3. Delete the folders named: “com_apple_MobileAsset_VoiceServices_CustomVoice”, and “com_apple_MobileAsset_VoiceServicesVocalizerVoice”.
  4. Empty your trash if you’re using iFile.
  5. Hurray! you just freed ~700MB.

Now if you ever want to use the Siri in future, you’ll be happy to know that the reversal of this method is simpler than the deletion process. Just enable Siri from the Settings app and it will fetch all those deleted files automatically from Apple’s servers. Another method is to make the backup of folders on your computer before deleting them.

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