Developer hacks watchOS 2 to run Macintosh OS 7.5.5 on it

Apple Watch Mac OS

As ridiculous as it may sound, a developer has been able to hack watchOS 2 in order to run Macintosh OS 7.5.5 on his Apple Watch. The guy behind this amazing feat named Nick Lee has shared the hack in a video, which has been embedded below. Lee used the Mini vMac Macintosh Emulator to install and run the 20 year old desktop operating system on his brand new Watch. This emulator as some of you may know is usually used to run old software on new hardware.

This hack although worthless when we consider its usefulness is nevertheless amusing, as it literally puts a whole computer OS on user’s wrist. An OS that actually required a computer that looked like a large box to work is made to run on the tiny Watch. It shows us how far we have come in terms of advancements in computer hardware that something as small as Watch is more than capable of running software that once required large machines.

Ever since the release of watchOS 2 we have seen several successful attempts at hacking the operating system. Previously we have seen hackers creating graphics natively on the Watch, something Apple doesn’t allow officially, and even running a native version of Flappy Bird clone.

All these hacks make us optimistic about release of Cydia and jailbreak for Apple Watch. (MacRumors)

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