Best Under Desk Keyboard And Mouse Trays For Mac Users

Best under desk keyboard and mouse trays

In this article, we’re on a mission to find the best under-desk keyboard and mouse desks for Mac lovers like us. Picture having a super neat and organized workspace that feels just right, like finding the perfect spot to relax with your favorite book.

We’ll show you the top picks that promise to tidy up your desk and make you super productive. Whether you’re an artist creating magic with your Mac or someone who’s always juggling tasks, we’ve got just the thing to make your workspace awesome.

Best Keyboard and Mouse Tray for Desk

So, let’s dive in and say goodbye to messy desks for good! With our recommendations for the best under-desk tray for Mac, you’ll soon be enjoying a clutter-free Mac haven that boosts your creativity and efficiency like never before.

1. LETIANPAI Keyboard Tray Under Desk

The LETIANPAI Keyboard Tray is a versatile solution designed with adaptability at its core. This best under-desk keyboard tray offers more than just convenience; it empowers you to tailor your workspace to fit your unique needs seamlessly. Whether you’re outfitting your office, setting up a home workstation, or enhancing your gaming setup, this keyboard tray is your adaptable companion.

The keyboard tray effortlessly slides under your desk when not in use, thanks to its smooth rail system. By keeping your keyboard out of sight yet always within reach, it not only tidies up your workspace but also maximizes your desk area for other essentials.

Need ample space to maneuver? The keyboard tray has got you covered. With generous dimensions, it accommodates various keyboard sizes and leaves ample room for your mouse. Whether you’re crafting documents, designing graphics, or engaging in intense gaming battles, you’ll have the space you need to excel.

Buy LETIANPAI Keyboard Tray Under Desk for $59.99 here.

2. BONTEC Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Upgrade your workspace with the BONTEC Keyboard Tray Under Desk, a sleek solution designed to optimize your productivity and comfort. Measuring 25.6″ (excluding clamps) or 30″ (including clamps) in width and 11.8″ in depth, this under-desk keyboard tray offers ample space to accommodate your keyboard, mouse, and other small essentials, freeing up valuable desk surfaces for your tasks.

With an extension of up to 7.87″ from the edge of your desk and a total slide-in depth of 11.4”, you can customize the setup to suit your comfort preferences. It’s essential to note that the distance from the center stretcher to the desk’s edge should exceed 11.4 inches for optimal fit.

Installing the keyboard tray is a breeze, thanks to its sturdy C-clamps that securely fasten it to your workstation. The clamps are not only robust but also easily adjustable, ensuring a snug fit without damaging your desk. Plus, the inclusion of sponge pads provides an extra layer of protection, particularly for desks with a maximum thickness of 1.57″. However, before purchasing, it’s wise to double-check your desktop’s thickness to ensure compatibility.

Buy BONTEC Keyboard Tray Under Desk for $49.99 here.

3. HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Designed to accommodate all sizes of keyboards, mice, and even your extra knick-knacks, the HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk boasts a spacious 25” x 9.8” surface. Plus, we’ve included a wrist rest to enhance wrist comfort during those long work sessions. At just 10lbs, it’s lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring durability without sacrificing convenience.

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our Full Motion Under Desk Computer Keyboard Platform. With 180 degrees of swivel capability and the ability to tilt 6 degrees up and 22 degrees down, you can easily adjust your keyboard to your preferred angle for optimal comfort.

Elevate your ergonomic experience with the Height Adjustable Keyboard Tray. Offering a generous 6.3 inches of height adjustment, this under-desk keyboard tray empowers you to sit or stand at your desk with ease, promoting better ergonomics and reducing strain. Even when adjusted to the lowest position, the connector maintains a height of 7.48”, ensuring stability and support.

Buy HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk for $99.99 here.

4. VIVO Large Under Desk Keyboard Tray

The VIVO Large Under Desk Keyboard Tray is a sleek solution to maximize your workspace while keeping your keyboard, mouse, and accessories neatly tucked away beneath your desk. Measuring 26.8 inches in length (or 32.5 inches including clamps) and 11 inches in width, this ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray offers ample space for efficient multitasking. Before you dive in, note that the total length from clamp to clamp is 32.5 inches, ensuring compatibility with your desk setup.

One standout feature of this tray is its patent-pending design, ensuring both functionality and style seamlessly blend into your workspace. But that’s not all; it comes equipped with an RGB LED Mouse Pad that adds a splash of vibrant color to your setup. With nine customizable RGB colors cycling through dynamic patterns, whether you’re deep into a gaming session or grinding through work tasks, this pad elevates your experience.

Buy VIVO Large Under Desk Keyboard Tray for $69.99 here.

5. Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray

Upgrade your typing experience with the Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray! Crafted with comfort in mind, this curved keyboard tray is meticulously designed to complement your body’s natural contours, promoting better posture and reducing strain on your wrists and arms.

This best under-desk tray with slide-out is a space-saving marvel, effortlessly clearing up valuable desk real estate by relocating your keyboard underneath. Embrace a more organized and efficient workspace that enhances productivity and comfort.

Durability meets functionality with sturdy construction. Crafted from high-quality cold-rolled steel, the C-clamp mount provides a robust and reliable platform for your keyboard, ensuring stability and longevity for your setup.

Buy Ergonomic Under Desk Keyboard Tray for $45.99 here.

6. VEVOR Clamp on Keyboard Tray Under Desk

The VEVOR Clamp on Keyboard Tray Under Desk is a solution designed to elevate your workspace experience. Designed with your comfort in mind, this under-desk keyboard tray sliding rail ensures that even marathon typing sessions won’t leave you feeling fatigued. By promoting a more natural typing posture, it transforms your work setup into a haven of productivity and comfort.

Featuring user-friendly C-clamps, installation is a breeze, requiring just a quick attachment to any desktop surface with a thickness below 2.4 inches. Rest easy, knowing that the sturdy clamps provide a secure and reliable hold, while the added rubber padding prevents any unwanted scratches on your desk.

Crafted from premium materials, including MDF and Q235 carbon steel, this keyboard tray is built to withstand the test of time. Its wear-resistant surface ensures durability, making it a long-term investment in your workspace comfort and efficiency.

Buy VEVOR Clamp on Keyboard Tray Under Desk for $49.99 here.

7. ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk

Upgrade your workspace with the Ergear 26.38″ x 11.61″ Keyboard Tray, an ingenious solution designed to bring comfort and efficiency to your daily typing tasks. This versatile tray is engineered to seamlessly integrate with both standard and L-shaped desks, thanks to its adaptable rotatable C-clamps. Whether your desk has edges ranging from 0.5″ to 1.38″ thick, rest assured that this keyboard tray has you covered.

Maximize your workspace with ease by effortlessly concealing your keyboard beneath the desk when it’s not in use. This clever solution frees up valuable desktop real estate, allowing you to organize your workspace more efficiently. Transform the look of your desk while enhancing functionality with this sleek and space-saving keyboard tray.

Effortlessly transition between typing and storage modes with smooth sliding rails that facilitate seamless movement. Maintain your workflow momentum without interruptions as the tray glides effortlessly between extended and retracted positions. With this best tray for under the desk, typing and storing your keyboard has never been smoother or more convenient.

Buy ErGear Keyboard Tray Under Desk for $49.98 here.

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect best under desk tray for Mac users doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore. With an array of sleek, stylish, and ergonomic options on the market, enhancing your workspace has never been more exciting. So, go ahead, pick the one that suits your style, and transform your workspace into a Mac-lover’s dream – because who said work can’t be both productive and downright cool?

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