Make Sure No One Steals Your AirPods With This Clever Dental Floss Sticker

At a price of $160 it is safe to say that Apple’s AirPods are very expensive, which makes them a hot item for thieves. The headphones received a lot of criticism when they were first announced and their launch has not been without drama, with Apple delaying their launch a few times. Apart from the design of the wireless headphones themselves people also made fun of the AirPods carrying case, which doubles as a portable charger. The case looks very much like a pack of floss and that made Apple’s cool new gadget a laughing stock. Thankfully someone who clearly thinks outside the box has come up with a clever idea while taking advantage of the dental floss pack like design.

A sticker that is available for sale was specifically designed for the AirPods case. This translucent sticker disguises the AirPods case as a simple pack of dental floss. Since no one would steal someone else’s dental floss you can rest assured that your expensive AirPods won’t get stolen in case you left them at your office table or at a place easily accessible to others.

Of course this sticker is not for everyone, as I for one would not ruin the beautiful design of AirPods case, which I actually like very much. However if you want to save your precious AirPods from getting stolen than putting this sticker on the case does not seem like a bad idea. If interested, you can buy the sticker for $4.99. (Gizmodo)

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