All The New Features iOS 18 Brings To Notes App

Notes app features iOS 18
Notes app features iOS 18

The Notes app is already one of the most underrated stock apps on iPhone, and in iOS 18, it is going to get even better. Apple is introducing a host of new features that will enhance the experience of using this app. Let’s take a look at all the new Notes app features in iOS 18 one by one.

Math Problem Solving

The first feature Apple is bringing to the Notes app is the ability to crunch numbers directly within a note. Now, you can write an expression in the Notes app and have it automatically solved instantly.

How It Works

You can type or draw a math expression, and the Notes app will solve it for you. You can also define multiple variables and then quickly add, subtract, multiply, or divide them. This makes tasks like calculating your expenses super easy.

While doing basic math is cool, you can also solve complex equations and generate graphs based on the information in your notes, which is super impressive.

Collapsible Section Headers

Collapsable headings iOS 18

To make notes more manageable, the iOS 18 Notes app will allow users to simplify and hide text with collapsible section headers. To create these section headers, you simply have to add headings to your notes. When you add headings, all the text under that heading can be collapsed by tapping on the arrow button that appears on the left side. These collapsible headings make managing long notes super easy.

Highlighting Text

Text highlight iOS 18

In the iOS 18 Notes app, you can make text stand out by highlighting it in different colors. You can mark up your notes and make the text stand out, which is great when you want to highlight important parts of your notes. The highlight tools can be easily accessed through the Format toolbar. You can select the text that you want to highlight and then choose from five different highlight colors.

Live Audio Transcription

iOS 18 voice note transcriptions

The iOS 18 Notes app brings a Live Audio Transcription feature. With this feature, users can now record audio sessions within their notes and generate live audio transcriptions for their recordings. These live audio transcriptions are searchable and can be combined with other comments, checklists, and documents.

Image Wand and Smart Script

Image Wand

The Image Wand feature, part of Apple Intelligence, allows users to convert a rough sketch into an AI-generated image. Users can draw a sketch and then draw a circle around it. When they do this, iOS will scan the drawing and convert it into a colorful image. Additionally, you can draw a circle in an empty space, and iOS will automatically create and insert an AI-generated image there.

Smart Script

The Smart Script feature learns the user’s handwriting style and refines their handwritten notes as they write. This means you can write as fast as possible without worrying about how your handwriting will look. Another remarkable feature of Smart Script is that it lets you copy and paste text into your handwritten note. When you paste text, it is inserted in your own handwriting. You can also grab and move handwritten text to make space if you want to add more text to your note or cross out text to erase it quickly.


So there you have it, folks. These are some of the features that iOS 18 is bringing to the Notes app. What do you think about these features? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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