Best And Fun AR Apps For iPhone In 2024

Fun AR Apps for iPhone

In this blog, we discuss the 8 best AR apps for iPhone 2024 has to offer. These apps seamlessly integrate with the real world, making the experience more immersive.

From the era of landlines to the dominance of smartphones, our screens have evolved into constant companions. And with each passing wave of innovation, we’ve grown more and more used to being introduced to the ‘new thing.’ So much so that the expectation for the far-out, the extraordinary, has become woven into the fabric of our tech lives. 

Look, there’s no denying that almost all of us constantly feel an innate craving, an undeniable thirst for something beyond the ordinary, beyond the routine.

That’s where Augmented Reality (AR) steps in. It’s the bridge that connects the tangible and the virtual, offering a reality that surpasses the confines of our everyday screens. 

Step Beyond Screens: The Future is Now with Immersive AR iPhone Apps

AR doesn’t just change the way we view content but transforms the very essence of our interactions with technology. You see, it’s not about escaping reality. Instead, AR enhances our reality and makes it vibrant, more engaging, and well, just better. 

On that note, here are our picks for the eight best AR apps for iPhone of 2024:

1. Sketchar: AR Drawing App

Sketchar: AR Drawing App

We suggest starting your AR adventure with Sketchar if you’re artistically inclined. Sketcher is a fun AR app for iPhone that turns your surroundings into a canvas so you can up your drawing game and express your creativity.

What sets it apart is its 550+ drawing lessons, meticulously crafted around characters you adore. However, the beauty lies in the seamless fusion of theory and practice, making the learning curve not just effective but downright enjoyable.

Now, what makes it one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024? It’s the personalized plan driven by AI that guides you through a journey of creative growth.

Moreover, Sketchar brings artists together through contests, fostering collaboration and shared passion. And the app boasts an AR feature that lets you visualize AR sketches through your smartphone camera, providing a virtual guide to bring your creations to life on paper.

Download Sketchar: AR Drawing App

2. Museum Alive

Museum Alive

Ever wondered what it’s like to step into a museum and have the exhibits come to life? our curiosity finds its answer in the Museum Alive iPhone AR app, where static displays transform into dynamic and interactive experiences.

Guided by the soothing voice of David Attenborough, you’re in for a treat as extinct creatures come to life right in your room through the magic of augmented reality.

Want to know what it feels like to have a fish-like creature with five eyes swimming around you? Say hello to Opabinina, one of the four extinct wonders you’ll meet in this app. Or perhaps you’re more of a dinosaur person? If so, witness Dimorphoson, a flying dinosaur, soaring through the air as if time took a U-turn.

You can also feel the thrill of a Smilodon hunt and get up close and personal with Archaeopteryx, witnessing its fossil transforming into a flight of bones. I guess it’s quite evident why we decided to add this app to the list of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024, right?

Download Museum Alive

3. Adobe Aero

Adobe Aero

Adobe Aero lets you create immersive AR experiences effortlessly. In this Augmented Reality app for iPhone, no coding or 3D design skills are required. It’s the fastest, most intuitive, and robust way to dive into interactive augmented reality content.

You can bring your imagination to life effortlessly by seamlessly importing 3D models, photos, and layered files from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. But hey, don’t limit yourself. You can also grab content from your phone, desktop, or Adobe Creative Cloud files.

Aero even supports assets from applications like Adobe Substance 3D, Maya, and C4D, placing them seamlessly into your real-world environment.

As for navigation, you can rotate, scale, and move assets effortlessly, giving you full control over the placement in your AR experience. There’s no need to rely on a developer as Aero empowers you to create interactive experiences independently.

You can even apply behaviors to your content, crafting triggers and actions that engage viewers and drive your narrative forward. Therefore, making it one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024.

Download Adobe Aero

4. Math Ninja AR

Math Ninja AR app for iPhone

Who said learning can’t be fun? Sharpen your math skills with Math Ninja AR, an Augmented Reality app for iPad and iPhone that combines education and entertainment in game form. It has been designed to boost concentration and memory through an innovative approach.

By incorporating the latest AR technology, it taps into the concept that simultaneous stimulation of both body and brain is the key to forging long-term memories.  

However, its winning feature is the interactive gameplay where users navigate the 3D Ninja World to locate villagers with the correct answers to math questions. This isn’t your typical sit-and-solve scenario.

As you play, the physical movements required, from stretching and bending to squatting and crawling, are not only engaging but also proven to stimulate a child’s memory. It’s a win-win, offering both mental exercise and a chance for parents to sneak in some easy physical activity, marking it as one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024. 

Download Math Ninja AR

Hologo app for iPhone

Unlock the magic of holograms with Hologo, as this immersive AR app for iPhone lets you interact with holographic elements in your surroundings.

More specially, in educational technology, Hologo stands out as a beacon of innovation, a brainchild forged by the collaboration of educators, artists, and technologists. 

Hologo functions as a groundbreaking AR Library for Education, going beyond traditional teaching methods. What makes it one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024 is the extensive digital education resource it offers. It boasts a rich repository of 1000+ 3D, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality educational experiences.

The diversity of content ensures that educators, students, and lifelong learners can delve into a multitude of subjects, making learning a dynamic and interactive journey.

However, its key feature lies in its commitment to Trailblazing Interactive Education. Educators can leverage Hologo to transform their classrooms into immersive learning environments.

By integrating these AR experiences into the curriculum, students can actively participate, engage, and recreate these experiences. Therefore, it’s considered one of the best AR apps for kids.

Download Hologo

6. Night Sky

Night Sky augmented reality app

Stargazing gets an upgrade with Night Sky. More than stargazing, it’s an immersive journey into the cosmos as each feature adds a layer of depth, making your celestial exploration a personalized adventure. 

As creative as creative AR apps for iPhone can get, it’s the perfect tool for both research projects and leisurely sky browsing.

Now, let’s dive into the treasure trove of features that make Night Sky a must-have. First up, Sky Tags are your personalized markers in the vastness of space.

You can pin them to objects, categorize them, and share via iMessage. Moreover, utilizing SharePlay, stargaze with friends, no matter where they are.

You can travel to any time in the past or future, Sky Timestamp it, and revisit the sky with a tap. Plus, using super deep zoom, you can delve deeper into space than ever before.

And use the AR Object Exploration to pull planets, stars, and constellations out of the sky, and scrutinize them. Thus marking it as one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024.

Download Night Sky

7. ARvid Augmented Reality

ARvid Augmented Reality

Introducing one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024, ARvid Augmented Reality lets you effortlessly add 3D realistic models to your real-world environment.

From the Wildlife Pack to the haunting Horror Pack, and the cosmic wonders in the Space Pack, the options are as diverse as your imagination. But it’s not just filled with pre-loaded packs. You can also import your own 3D models, giving you the creative freedom to mold your AR world according to your whims.

And let’s talk placing your photos in AR. This app makes it a reality and not just that, but it lets you unleash your inner artist by painting in 3D with a range of brushes and colors.

You can simply type in anything you want, and watch your text and animated emojis come to life in your surroundings. And the best part? It supports both landscape and portrait modes, ensuring that your creativity isn’t confined by the orientation of your device. 

Download ARvid Augmented Reality

8. Reality Composer

Reality Composer

Get hands-on with AR content creation using Reality Composer, one of the best AR apps for adults. Don’t have any 3D expertise? No problem.

If you’ve been dreaming of assembling virtual scenes directly in AR, now you can, thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop feature. You can even import your .usdz files or tap into Reality Composer’s content library, packed with ready-to-use virtual objects. 

However, the real magic unfolds with photogrammetry. Harness the potent LiDAR sensors on your iPhone or iPad to craft high-quality 3D models. You can tweak sizes, styles, and more, making each virtual element uniquely yours. Plus, animating your creations is a breeze, even if you’re not an animation whiz. And you can even integrate spatial audio that triggers upon taps, proximity, or other cues, making it one of the best AR apps for iPhone in 2024.

Download Reality Composer

Step into Tomorrow

Immersive AR apps for iPhone blur the lines between the physical and virtual, creating an experience that’s not just functional but downright fun.

Drawing in the air around you, bringing museum exhibits to life, or even becoming a math ninja in your living room – it’s all possible now. Thanks to the best AR apps for iPhone 2024 has to offer, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 

So, explore all of these AR apps and let us know which one you find the best in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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