Best Apps To Add Text To Videos On iPhone

Apps to add text to videos

In this blog, we discuss the best apps to add text to videos that offer a variety of styles, fonts, and customization options – just a few taps, and you transform your content from bland to brilliant. 

Think of your videos as a canvas waiting for that extra splash of color – that’s where text comes in. Sure, you could go old-school and type out your message, but why settle for ordinary when you can make it extraordinary?

It’s not an exaggeration when we say we live in a world where a goldfish has a longer attention span than most of us. This means that grabbing and holding attention has become a form of art not everyone understands. But, hey, text in videos is your golden ticket to achieving just that. 

In simple words, it’s the hook that reels your audience in, the spice that adds flavor to your visuals, and the glue that keeps them watching.

Rule the Editing Realm with the Best iPhone Subtitles App

Using apps to add text to your iPhone videos is a smart move if you want to make your mark in a world saturated with content. It’s not just slapping words on videos. Rather, you turn your content into a storytelling masterpiece that captivates, informs, and keeps those eyeballs glued. 

So, if you’re ready to go from silent films to blockbuster hits, stick around as we explore the six best apps to add text to videos. 

1. StoriesStudio AI Video Subtitles & Captions

StoriesStudio AI Video Subtitles & Captions

StoriesStudio is your all-in-one solution for creating captivating content effortlessly. What sets it apart is its ingenious use of AI, making it one of the best apps to add captions to videos seamlessly.

The magic begins when you upload your video onto the StoriesStudio app which is a fairly simple process that sets the stage for a transformation. Now, here’s the game-changer – the “Add Closed Captioning” feature. With a simple tap, StoriesStudio’s AI kicks into action, automatically syncing beautiful captions with your video content. 

Forget about pesky subscriptions, in-app purchases, or annoying ads – once you download StoriesStudio, you’re in for the full experience without any hidden costs. It’s a breath of fresh air, putting the focus on enhancing your content without any financial strings attached.

However, it understands that your creative journey extends beyond its realm, and that’s why it emphasizes its independence from major platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, or TikTok. It’s a standalone powerhouse designed to cater to your video editing needs without being confined to any particular social media ecosystem. Thus making it the best app to add text to videos.

Download AI Video Subtitles & Captions now.

2. CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut - Video Editor

For those who want a one-stop shop for video editing, the CapCut iPhone app to add closed captions is your go-to. Starting with the basics, CapCut nails the fundamental video editing needs. Trim, split, merge – it’s your video’s makeover artist. Adjusting speed? From slow-mo magic to speed curves, it’s got your back. Zooming effects and freezing moments? Consider it done, adding that extra oomph to your clips. And transitions? Get ready to explore a world of awesome effects seamlessly woven between clips by using the best app to add text to videos.

Now, let’s talk advanced. Keyframe animation is a game-changer here, allowing you to animate every setting. Smooth slow-motion with optical flow? Check. Chroma key for color removal? Double-check.

Multi-track timeline arrangement and stabilization for steady footage? CapCut’s got you covered. Moreover, it throws in intelligent features that are a game-changer. From auto-captions to speech recognition and subtitles, all are done automatically.

Plus, you can also use text-to-speech in multiple languages and background removal. And for those on the hunt for the trendiest effects, CapCut’s got your back.

Download CapCut – Video Editor now.

3. Captions: For Talking Videos

Captions: For Talking Videos

Got something to say? Captions: For Talking Videos is your wingman. This app redefines the video creation process as it seamlessly integrates AI from scripting and recording to editing and sharing. This ensures a hassle-free experience for every user, making it the best app to add text to videos.

The dynamic word-by-word captions, or video subtitles are powered by the whisper speech-to-text from openAI. And if you don’t know, this isn’t just any speech-to-text engine but the world’s most powerful one, making your videos not only informative but also engaging and effortlessly comprehensible. Now, let’s talk about the editor that’s tailor-made for talking videos.

You can breezily modify the video by simply tweaking the words, eliminating filler content, and creating smooth jump cuts – all with just a click. Moreover, it’s customization that makes it the best app to add subtitles to videos on iPhone. With dozens of preset styles for your captions, you can tailor the look and feel of your text to match your unique style.

Download Captions: For Talking Videos now.

4. Liro: Auto Captions to Video

Liro: Auto Captions to Video

If you’re all about saving time, Liro is your go-to iPhone subtitles app. The brilliance of this app lies in its simplicity – no headaches, no complications. You open the app, choose your language, upload your video, and the captions are ready to roll.

And hey, you wanna know the part that makes it the best app to add text to videos? By recognizing the voice in your video, it takes the wheel and crafts captions with impeccable precision. And it does so by aligning them seamlessly with timestamps for a spot-on reference.

Editing or tweaking your captions? No problem. Liro’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly adjust your captions with just a few taps on one screen. You can choose from exceptional caption animations, select a font, pick the perfect color for your captions and their background, and decide their placement. Plus, save it in the format that suits your vibe – whether it’s a story, a post, or a wide display.

Download Liro: Auto Captions to Video now.

5. Captions for Videos – SubMe AI

Captions for Videos - SubMe AI

Let’s start with speed – because who has time to wait around? With Captions for Videos – SubMe, you get lightning-fast auto-captioning. As soon as you upload your video the subtitles are there in your chosen language. This iPhone app for closed captioning is known for its multilingual prowess. English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Japanese – you name it, SubMe supports it. 

Going global? SubMe’s got your back with automatic translation, giving you the power to connect with viewers globally. Moreover, SubMe makes text editing a breeze which is why it’s hailed as one of the best apps to add text to videos.

You are free to choose the color, font, animation, and size of your subtitles. You can also adjust their position in the video, add a shadow, and resize the video for different social platforms. Oh, and did we mention? SubMe supports not only the Latin alphabet but also the Cyrillic script, ensuring your style preferences are met. 

Download Captions for Videos – SubMe AI now.

6. VEED – Captions for videos

VEED - Captions for videos

VEED is your all-inclusive iPhone captions app. From basic text to eye-catching captions, the app does the heavy lifting. It’s considered one of the best apps to add text to videos for providing captions in a whopping 50 different languages. You know it as well as we do, accessibility just hit the roof, allowing your content to resonate with a global audience.

But hey, we get it – perfection is key. That’s why fixing any words or misspellings is a breeze. A quick edit, and your captions are polished to perfection.

As for style, you can choose from a variety of caption styles to make your text pop. And yes, it’s not just restricted to adding subtitles. It’s a fantastic video editing app that ensures your videos are platform-ready. You can trim edges, tweak aspect ratio, and prep your video as you want for stardom across any platform.

Download VEED – Captions for videos now.

Final Thoughts

Snazzy captions, stylish subtitles – you name it, and these apps deliver. The best apps to add text to videos in 2024 are all about giving your videos a personality, and a voice that resonates with your audience. So you can let your content speak volumes – without saying a word. The best part is that you don’t need a PhD in video editing as these apps are all about simplicity and ease of use. 

So, what’s your verdict? Which one of the best apps to add text to videos are you downloading today? Let us know in the comments below.

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