Best Fishing Apps For iPhone In 2024

Best fishing apps for iPhone

Today, fishing apps for iPhone have revolutionized the way anglers approach their favorite pastime, offering tools that enhance everything from finding the best fishing spots to predicting peak fish activity times.

These fishing apps combine detailed maps, real-time data, weather forecasts, and community insights, making every fishing trip more productive and fun.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a weekend hobbyist, these top fishing apps are designed to help you maximize your catch and elevate your fishing experience.

Key takeaways

  • Fishing apps provide detailed maps, real-time data, and local fishing trends for better planning.
  • Advanced forecasting features in fishing apps include tide charts, weather conditions, and moon phases.
  • Fishing apps enhance the experience with tools for tracking catches, managing gear, and community engagement.

Best Fishing Apps for iPhone

1. Fishbrain – Fishing App

Fishbrain - Fishing App

Fishing can be more enjoyable and successful with the right tools, and Fishbrain is an app that delivers just that, making it one of the best fishing apps for iPhone. This free-to-download app makes it easier than ever to find your next fishing spot with its comprehensive fishing maps.

You can explore numerous fishing locations, complete with real-time data on where most fish are being caught. Plus, with advanced map layers and customization options, you can tailor your search to specific types of fish, be it bass, trout, catfish, or redfish. 

Moreover, it keeps you updated with local fishing trends through the latest pictures and updates from local anglers, showing which baits and lures are proving most successful. It also offers detailed weather conditions, tide charts, air pressure data, moon phases, and advanced BiteTime forecasts. 

Download Fishbrain – Fishing App

2. FishAngler – Fish Finder App

FishAngler - Fish Finder App

FishAngler fishing app combines mapping, forecasting, community, and personal tracking features into one user-friendly platform. You can explore advanced fishing map layers to uncover new spots and filter by species to see what’s biting near you.

The interactive fishing maps include millions of confirmed catch locations and points of interest like access points and artificial reefs, making it easier than ever to plan your next fishing adventure.

Moreover, planning is made even more precise with local fishing forecasts that include tide charts, wind conditions, moon phases, and more. You can pinpoint the best times to fish down to the hour, ensuring you’re on the water when the fish are most active. The app also provides 7-day weather forecasts so you can plan your outings ahead, choosing the optimal day based on weather patterns.

Download FishAngler – Fish Finder App

3. Fishing Spots – Fish Maps 

Fishing Spots - Fish Maps 

Whether you’re chasing trout in the creek or dreaming of hooking a marlin in the deep blue sea, Fishing Spots covers over 33,000 fish species with all the local know-how and gear recommendations you’ll ever need.

You can explore detailed maps that not only show fishing locations but also include photos, videos, and catch details shared by fellow anglers. On top of that, this free fishing app is your ultimate tool for planning trips with accurate forecasts and keeping a detailed logbook of all your catches. From weather conditions and water temperature to the baits used, it automatically logs everything for you. 

To enhance your fishing experience further, the app includes tools like a personalized tackle box to manage your baits and gear, stats tracking to analyze your fishing trends, and a vibrant community where you can connect with anglers worldwide.  

Download Fishing Spots – Fish Maps 

4. Fishbox – Fishing Forecast App

Fishbox - Fishing Forecast App

Fishbox takes the guesswork out of fishing with its accurate fishing forecasts. Its credibility lies in the fact that it was developed with input from ichthyologists and seasoned anglers.

In simpler words, this means Fishbox’s real-time predictions factor in 41 weather parameters to ensure you never miss peak fishing conditions. But fret not, even though it uses advanced forecasting, the app combines it with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find the best fishing times and spots worldwide.

One of the best fishing apps 2024 has to offer, Fishbox plans your fishing trips for you, giving you a detailed 7-day weather forecast, hourly updates on wind, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation, plus charts for waves and tides. You can explore over 1.2 million public water bodies worldwide and discover hidden gems recommended by local experts. 

Download Fishbox – Fishing Forecast App

5. Fishing Points: Map & Forecast

Fishing Points: Map & Forecast

Fishing Points not only predicts fish activity but also gives you detailed insights into tide patterns, weather forecasts, and even offers GPS mapping with satellite views. Doubling down on forecasts, it excels in providing accurate fish activity forecasts which is precisely why it’s considered one of the best fishing apps for iPhone. 

You can save your favorite fishing spots, mark trolling paths, and even use offline mode with NOAA nautical charts for areas with no internet coverage. As for documenting, capture photos, record weight and length, and jot down notes on bait and fishing conditions as you please.

Moreover, you can also stay updated with real-time weather conditions, sun and moon phases, and marine forecasts to maximize your fishing success. And it even lets you sync your data across devices and use its WebApp for detailed trip planning and analysis on your computer.

Download Fishing Points: Map & Forecast

6. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is based on the solunar theory which suggests that fish and other animals are active according to the location of the moon. Utilizing this theory, the free fishing app uses lunar and solar positions to pinpoint the optimal times for fishing and hunting so you’re in sync with nature’s rhythms.

You can effortlessly save your favorite fishing spots or hunting grounds for quick access to tailored Solunar Forecasts. The app features automatic GPS detection or manual entry for precise location tracking, ensuring you’re always prepared with the most relevant data.

It also includes comprehensive information such as tides forecasts, day ratings, moon rise/set times, sunrise/sunset times, and current weather conditions with a 5-day forecast, giving you a holistic view of environmental factors that impact outdoor activities.

Download Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

7. Angler: The Fishing App

Angler: The Fishing App

Angler is your indispensable companion for angling success, making it one of the best fishing apps 2024 has to offer. Start your day right with precise predictions of the best fishing times, pinpointing those crucial moments when fish are most active. And while at it, it also arms you with comprehensive weather forecasts, ensuring you’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

If you’re tracking lunar phases, it keeps you in sync with the moon’s cycles, detailing phases, rise and set times, and even the age and illumination of the moon. And if tides matter to your fishing spot, it provides detailed tide forecasts.

These forecasts are complete with charts and times for high and low tides, essential information for coastal anglers chasing tide-sensitive fish species. 

Download Angler: The Fishing App

There you have it folks, these are some of the best fishing apps for iPhone that you can download in 2024.

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