Best iPhone Apps To Solve Math Problems

In the age of technology, there are best math solver apps with steps for solving maths problems on iPhone and iPad. With these math solution apps, solving complex mathematical problems is as simple as clicking pictures, as they provide step-by-step instructions. 

Best iPhone App to Solve  Math Problems In 2023

Math solver apps let you solve equations with the simple touch of your camera. They help track formulas and teach algebra.

Here are the best math solver apps that will help you solve nearly any math problem. 

1. Photomath

Best iPhone apps to solve math problems

Millions of students use Photomath every month to check homework, study for tests, and make new discoveries in math.

You can obtain the basics of solutions and explanations for free, but if you’re ready to embark on a new learning experience, you can buy the premium features.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive library of explanations with word and geometry problems for selected textbooks! The content has been approved by some of the world’s leading math teachers, so you will learn at your own pace.

This app features detailed AI animations and verbal explanations that will help you visualize and understand math.

Learn how and why math problems are solved with the embedded glossary, or refresh your memory with forgotten terms and concepts.

The app will get you where you need to be, whether you’re learning basic arithmetic, or tackling advanced geometry. Slowly but surely.

Install Photomath from the App Store now

2. FastMath – Take Photo & Solve

iPhone math apps

FastMath is a useful math app that solves any problem. You can take a photo of a math problem and get an instant solution.  It is also capable of solving math problems written in handwriting.

The app displays step-by-step solutions accompanied by explanations. It will allow you to compare your results, improve your understanding, and check your homework.

Install FastMath – Take Photo & Solve from the App Store now

3. Mathway: Math Problem Solver

Best iPhone apps to solve math problems

The Mathway calculator allows you to solve algebraic, graphing, and calculus problems faster than ever before! Using Mathway, you can access unlimited math solutions to help you understand complex concepts. If you are having trouble solving your math homework, you can snap a photo or type the answer for step-by-step assistance.

Designed by Mathway LLC, this app is compatible with all iDevices. 

There is a free version of this app that only gives you the answers to your math problems, but a subscription will provide you with step-by-step solutions to each type of math problem. Math solution apps like this are highly recommended for students who are struggling with math. A User-friendly interface and an excellent topic glossary make this app easy to use.

Install Mathway: Math Problem Solver from the App Store now

4. Math problem solver, photo

iPhone math apps

With the Math Problem Solver app, you can solve mathematical problems instantly using the camera of your iPhone. Using smart technology, it reads math problems and provides step-by-step solutions to address them.

This is one of the best apps available for learning algebra, graphing, calculus, and other complex math problems at any time and anywhere. For anyone who is anxious about mathematics, this app is highly useful.

Install Math problem solver, photo from the App Store now

5. MathPapa – Algebra Calculator

iPad math apps

A MathPapa tutor allows people to learn algebra at their convenience by practicing when they want.

MathPapa walks you through each step of solving algebra problems. In particular, it is useful for solving linear equations and quadratic equations, linear and quadratic inequalities, graphing equations, factoring quadratic expressions, determining the order of operations step-by-step, and more. 

With the algebra calculator, you can easily enter your algebra problem and get step-by-step instructions.

Basically, all the MathPapa features are found in the tabs already explained. Most algebra problems can be solved with a calculator. A variety of math lines will appear beneath the “Calculate” button, explaining how that conclusion was reached. Various math problems are provided in the Practice section, so you can practice solving them.

You will be shown how to handle problems using the Lessons feature, and subsequently get the chance to answer them yourself. In the Lessons section, there are also quizzes that seem more like math games, but once you master them, they can be really fun.

Install MathPapa – Algebra Calculator from the App Store now

6. CameraMath – Homework Help

With CameraMath, you won’t have to worry about math problems anymore. Take a picture of the question and CameraMath will automatically figure out the answer.

The CameraMath app is an essential tool for students who want to learn and solve math problems! 

In addition to Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Precalculus, and Calculus, this math solution app with camera includes a variety of other math courses.

You can easily learn math with CameraMath because it gives you detailed explanations of the questions.

Also, you are always welcome to join the community group to meet more people, provide feedback, solicit help from others, and discuss more topics.

Install CameraMath – Homework Help from the App Store now

7. Math Word Problem Solver

Is your community college math course causing you anxiety? Need help with a math quiz or a tough math homework problem?

There’s no need to worry, Math Word Problem Solver has you covered.

This app can help you with the following topics in college math:

  • Word Problems
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Precalculus & Calculus
  • College algebra

Get a picture of your math problem for College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Precalculus, or any other sort of math problem. Expert tutors will help you with all your college math concepts.

Step-by-step instructions on how to solve the math problem will be provided to you.

If you want to study better, you can save all the answers you have received.

Install Math Word Problem Solver from the App Store now

Problem Solved?

One of the main strengths of all the above-mentioned best apps for maths solution is that they help students visualize the process of solving problems. Following the step-by-step instructions enables students to consolidate knowledge and learn math skills.

So, install any of the apps on the list and ace your math exam.

Was this list helpful? Let us know in the comments section. 

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