Best Road Trip Route Planner Apps For iPhone

Best Road Trip route planner apps

In this article, we’re about to embark on a digital odyssey to discover the best route planner apps in 2024 – because let’s face it, navigating the open road shouldn’t feel like deciphering a treasure map from the 18th century. Forget about arguing over paper maps that never fold back the way they should or trying to interpret cryptic highway signs; we’re diving into the world of apps to plan road trip routes that make road-tripping as smooth as a well-paved highway.

Looking for a full-fledge navigation app? Try these best navigation and maps apps for iPhone.

Route Planner Apps for iPhone

Buckle up, put on your favorite driving playlist, and get ready to explore the app-filled wonderland that will turn your road trip from a wild goose chase into a well-orchestrated symphony of snacks, pit stops, and scenic routes. Let the app adventure begin!

1. Roadtrippers – Trip Planner

Roadtrippers - Trip Planner

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with Roadtrippers, the ultimate companion for transforming your road trips into epic adventures. Proudly holding the title of the #1 road trip planning app in the U.S. and Canada, Roadtrippers has facilitated over 38 million meticulously planned trips, spanning an impressive 42 billion miles. Whether you’re seeking the perfect RV trip planner or simply plotting your next scenic drive, Roadtrippers is your go-to route planner maps app for crafting unforgettable routes, complete with turn-by-turn navigation to guide you seamlessly along the way.

Dive into the vast tapestry of possibilities as you explore millions of places, ranging from local diners and quirky roadside attractions to scenic viewpoints, national parks, and cozy hotels. Let your wanderlust run wild, drawing inspiration from our pre-made trip guides that showcase some of the most intriguing and once-in-a-lifetime routes you absolutely must experience. No matter your location, you’re just moments away from discovering something truly amazing.

Gain access to a myriad of premium features, including the convenience of RV-friendly GPS navigation, exclusive member discounts, offline maps for those off-the-grid excursions, collaborative trip planning, personalized map styles, and much more. The road ahead is yours to conquer, and Roadtrippers ensures you have the tools for the journey.

Install Roadtrippers – Trip Planner from the App Store today.

2. RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior Route Planner

Next on our list of the best route planner apps is RoadWarrior. The app empowers you to plan delivery routes effortlessly, accommodating multiple destinations with precision. Whether you’re a last-mile driver or a dispatcher handling hundreds of stops, our app provides the tools you need to customize routes and seamlessly synchronize between web and mobile platforms. Road-tested since 2013, our reliability has been bolstered through a recent partnership with MapQuest, amplifying our capabilities in mapping, routing, fleet management, and logistics planning.

Navigate with confidence as RoadWarrior optimizes your routes for speed and fuel efficiency. Trust in our best-in-class optimization and driver-first design that has won the loyalty of thousands of drivers who have experienced significant savings in time, money, and gas.

Enjoy the convenience of uploading addresses in bulk through RoadWarrior’s quick upload tool. Specifically tailored for FedEx and OnTrac drivers, this one of the best iPhone route planner apps offers lightning-fast address and manifest file uploads. For added flexibility, drag and drop your stops to swiftly adjust your route in seconds, ensuring you remain in control of your journey.

Install RoadWarrior Route Planner from the App Store today.

3. PlaceMaker Route Planner

PlaceMaker Route Planner

With PlaceMaker, you can effortlessly plan routes with up to 500 stops per journey. No more navigating through complicated interfaces—the user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience. Easily view your stops on a map or launch your preferred navigation app with just a tap.

Unlock the power of route optimization with the in-app purchase feature. Take advantage of the premium versions to optimize your stop sequence, making your trips more time and fuel-efficient. Not sure about the order? No worries, manually sort your stops or let PlaceMaker optimize the order for you.

Create lists of stops quickly and intuitively. Sort them by distance from your current location for convenience, manually arrange them to fit your preference, or let PlaceMaker optimize the order for you. Get a clear view of the estimated travel time and distance to each stop. Stay informed and make informed decisions to enhance your overall journey experience. Whether you’re on a tight schedule or just trying to make the most of your time, PlaceMaker keeps you in the loop.

Install PlaceMaker Route Planner from the App Store today.

4. Roadie: Road Trip Planner & RV

Roadie: Road Trip Planner & RV

Roadie, your go-to road trip planner designed for adventurers and campers alike. Whether you’re sketching out your annual cross-country expedition or living the van life dream in your campervan, Roadie is your key to the ultimate road trip experience.

One of Roadie’s standout features is its intuitive multi-stop route planning. Picture yourself seamlessly charting your journey on an interactive map, effortlessly dropping pins at every stop, from attractions and trails to national parks. Not only can you add as many locations as you want, but you can also enrich each stop with personalized notes, creating a dynamic and tailored itinerary.

Navigating the vast landscapes becomes a breeze with Roadie’s ability to display distances and driving times between waypoints. Efficiently plan your time on the road while staying mindful of gas and fuel consumption, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

Fuel your wanderlust even more by sharing your meticulously planned trip with friends. Collaborate effortlessly, like you would on Google My Maps, to uncover the most captivating sights and discover the perfect overnight stays along the route.

Install Roadie: Road Trip Planner & RV from the App Store now.

5. inRoute – Intelligent Routing

inRoute - Intelligent Routing

Discover the power of inRoute, your intelligent routing companion designed to transform your travel experience. With a host of innovative features, inRoute goes beyond traditional navigation, allowing you to plan optimal routes and customize your journey based on weather, elevation, curves, and more.

Imagine having the ability to navigate through up to 150 locations seamlessly, guided by a voice that not only directs your every turn but also keeps you informed about potential severe weather along your route. This dynamic feature ensures your safety by automatically checking for weather alerts, allowing you to make informed decisions during your journey.

Take control of your route planning with the flexibility to optimize waypoint order for the fastest travel time or manually reorder them according to your preferences. Importing routes has never been easier – with compatibility for XLSX, GPX, and KML files, seamlessly integrate your existing data into inRoute for a personalized experience.

Design your own adventure by creating custom routes based on specific criteria such as weather conditions, elevation changes, and curviness. Alternatively, construct your route organically by choosing from available alternates at each leg of your journey. Interactive charts provide a visual representation of route elevation, curviness, and detailed weather information, including temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed/direction, and sunrise/sunset times.

Install inRoute – Intelligent Routing from the App Store now.

6. Upper Route Planner Optimizer

Upper Route Planner Optimizer

Upper Route Planner Optimizer is your ultimate solution for efficient and stress-free deliveries. Tired of manually plotting addresses on maps? Bid farewell to those time-consuming tasks as Upper Route Planner streamlines the process by automating and optimizing your routes, making the entire experience seamless and hassle-free.

Whether you prefer manually adding stops, importing them from XLS or CSV files, or capturing manifests through photos or printouts, Upper Route Planner has you covered. This user-friendly app adapts to your workflow, ensuring a smooth planning experience regardless of your data input preferences.

Experience route planning without the guesswork. The cutting-edge algorithm in the app optimizes routes with up to 500 stops, taking into account essential parameters such as time windows, priority stops, special instructions, highway preferences, and toll road avoidance. It’s comprehensive route optimization right at your fingertips.

Install Upper Route Planner Optimizer from the App Store now.

Wrapping Up

Embarking on a road trip is not just a journey; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold, and with the best route planner apps free by your side, the thrill becomes even more exhilarating. From navigating scenic routes to discovering hidden gems, these road trip route planner apps seamlessly integrate technology with wanderlust, transforming your ordinary drive into an extraordinary experience. With the perfect blend of convenience and exploration, these road trip planner apps redefine the way we hit the open road.

So, buckle up and let these apps to create multi-stop routes, be your co-pilots, guiding you through uncharted territories, suggesting pit stops, and ensuring that every twist and turn is filled with excitement.

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