7 Best Window Manager Tools For Mac In 2024

Best Window Manager Tools for Mac

In this article, we discuss the 7 best window manager tools for Mac that are the Mac equivalent of a personal assistant and a professional organizer rolled into one.

Navigating through the maze of endless tabs, windows, and the whirlwind of multitasking can be quite an adventure. It’s a tale many of us are intimately familiar with and if you find solace in the fact that you’re not alone, welcome to the club. 

Look, the struggle is real, especially when it comes to having a casual 20+ tabs open, each vying for our attention. And that one specific tab you urgently need? Well, it’s apparently enrolled in a hide-and-seek championship, and it’s somehow winning. 

Sure, it’s a testament to our multitasking prowess, but let’s face it, finding order in this virtual maze isn’t that different from searching for a needle in a haystack. In other words, it’s the real-life version of “Where’s Waldo?” but with digital tabs playing hard to get. But, what if we told you there’s a way out of this digital chaos?

Organize and Conquer with Window Management Apps for Mac 

Window Manager for Mac (free) brings order to the chaos, so your windows are neatly aligned, tasks are organized, and your sanity remains intact. So, let’s discuss the seven best window manager tools for Mac and create a digital space even Marie Kondo would be proud of. 

1. Magnet

Magnet app for Mac

Magnet effortlessly snaps windows into organized positions, allowing you to make the most out of your Mac’s screen real estate. With a swift drag to the edge, your app neatly sizes into half the screen and with a seamless drag to the corners, you effortlessly snap them into quarters. These features alone are enough to mark it as one of the best window manager tools for Mac.

But here’s where this macOS window manager tool flexes its muscles: the customizable keyboard shortcuts. Not a fan of dragging? A set of predefined hotkeys under the menu bar icon caters to your every need. Want to tailor it to your habits? Easily create shortcuts that align with your workflow. As for versatility, Magnet is no one-trick pony. Think fullscreen, quarters, and halves,  it’s got them all covered. Oh and if you slide to the bottom edge, thirds unfold like magic. And for those rocking ultra-wide monitors, Magnet goes above and beyond, creating sixths effortlessly. The keyword here? Efficiency.

Download Magnet

2. BetterSnapTool

BetterSnapTool for Mac

Gone are the days of wrestling with window sizes and positions. BetterSnapTool puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to effortlessly drag your windows to any screen corner or side. Need more precision? It introduces custom snap areas so you can resize and relocate windows with unprecedented flexibility.  

One of the best 7 window managers, BetterSnapTool is the multitasker’s dream with support for multiple monitors, making it a go-to for the productivity-savvy. Plus, with customizable keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate snap areas effortlessly. With a plethora of design customization options, your desktop becomes an extension of your personality. And when it comes to accessibility, a pop-up menu showcasing all possible snap sizes and positions is always at your fingertips. 

Hold on, it gets even better. Ever wished you could move or resize a window with a flick of your wrist? Just hold those customizable modifier keys and see why it’s hailed as one of the best window manager tools for Mac. 

Download BetterSnapTool

3. Split Screen

Split Screen for Mac

It’s about time we shine a spotlight on Split Screen, the underrated organizer that’ll give any Mac window manager tools in 2024 a run for its money. Simplifying your desktop hustle, what makes it stand out is its resizing prowess. A mere keystroke effortlessly resizes your windows to precisely half your desktop so there’s no more wrestling with resizing, just seamless windows alignment. 

When it comes to versatility, Split Screen supports a range of actions, giving you the power to resize windows left, right, or go full screen with the snap of your fingers. But what marks it as one of the best window manager tools for Mac is its configurability. You’re not confined to preset shortcuts as you can choose the keystrokes tailored to your preferences. And since it supports about 90% of apps, you can live your multitasking dreams uninterrupted. 

Download Split Screen

4. Mosaic

Mosaic for Mac

If you’re a productivity enthusiast, Mosaic is your best friend as it takes window management up a notch. With a seamless Drag & Drop feature, resizing and re-positioning windows become a breeze. And guess what? It’s not just a basic drag. This window management app for Mac introduces a panel displaying Layout options as you drag, allowing you to swiftly choose how you want your window to behave. 

Now, for the power users out there, Mosaic elevates the game with Shortcut Keys and TouchBar support. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Creating Custom Layouts? Mosaic says, “Absolutely!” Not confined to presets, you can design your layouts, be it Basic or Advanced, tailored to your workflow. Plus, Quick Layout is a nifty feature, enabling you to define on-the-fly layouts with a simple drag on a grid. Highly Customizable? You bet. Multi-Monitor Support? You got it. It’s an all-in-one solution and that’s exactly why it’s hailed as one of the best window manager tools for Mac.

Download Mosaic

5. Amethyst

Amethyst for Mac

For those diving into the macOS window manager tools, Amethyst is your trusty guide, making the complex seem like a walk in the park. Let’s unpack the brilliance of Amethyst starting with its winning feature: no more alt-tab acrobatics, just seamless efficiency. Basically, it’s a tiling window manager that maximizes your screen real estate by accommodating multiple windows simultaneously, hence hailed as one of the best window manager tools for Mac. Plus, the abundance of keyboard shortcuts only adds to its well-deserved fame.

As you may have figured, Amethyst is not your run-of-the-mill tool. From the default Tall layout to the versatile 3Column-Middle, there’s a buffet of choices catering to every taste when it comes to layouts. If you’re feeling the need for a focused fullscreen experience, simply enter the aptly named Fullscreen mode. And here’s the cherry on top: Binary Space Partitioning (BSP). This unique feature sets Amethyst apart, allowing you to navigate windows with unparalleled precision, enhancing your multitasking prowess.

Download Amethyst 

6. Grid

Grid app for Mac

If precision matters to you, Grid is the tool of choice. The best part? You get to organize those windows like a pro without breaking a sweat. Look here, this window manager for Mac (free) is all about flexibility. Snap those windows into place using gestures, keyboard shortcuts, or just drag them to corners. Your Mac, your rules. And guess what? It’s not stuck in the past, unlike other tools. Instead, Grid rocks compatibility with macOS Monterey and anything from OS X 10.10 and higher, making it one of the best window manager tools for Mac.

Now, let’s talk screens, any screens. Yep, it plays nice with multiple screens and doesn’t flinch at different orientations. Privacy matters, right? Well, it collects zero user data except for the essential payment info. So, it’s snap, snap, and swipe. Oh, you’re feeling the magic mouse vibes? My friend, the fast and convenient gestures have got you covered. And speaking of shortcuts, customizable keyboard shortcuts have got your back. 

Download Grid

7. Rectangle

Rectangle app for Mac

If you’ve been searching for a successor to the beloved Spectacle app, your quest ends here. Rectangle steps up the game by offering an intuitive and seamless window management experience. One of the standout features is the flexibility it provides in moving and resizing windows. And if you’re tired of using a mouse, forget about it, as with Rectangle, it’s all about the keyboard shortcuts. Plus, cycling through window sizes becomes second nature, and the abundance of shortcuts ensures you can find the perfect fit with minimal effort.

Moreover, it lets you pick your snap areas effortlessly. Simply drag a window, drop it on the screen edges or corners, and your windows are neatly arranged, just the way you like them. And yes, it’s not limited to the usual landscape as Rectangle supports portrait display layouts as well, catering to your diverse needs. Thus earning its reputation as one of the best window manager tools for Mac.

Download Rectangle

Crack the Code to Productivity

In this age of digital chaos, Mac window manager tools in 2024 ensure a desktop where windows play nice, tasks align seamlessly, and clutter takes a backseat. Therefore, doesn’t matter if you’re a multitasking ninja or just someone tired of desktop anarchy, these window management champs are here to rescue your sanity.  Multitasking? Consider it done and dusted. Organization? Effortlessly achieved. Your screen, your rules. 

So, which one of the best window manager tools for Mac are you downloading today? Do you have a favorite we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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