Get iMyFone Umate iPhone Cleaner For Free With This Spring Offer

Unless you have a 128GB or 256GB iPhone, chances are you are running low on storage more often than not. This is because the photos we take with high resolution cameras, the huge games we download and other content on our iPhones takes up a lot of space, and before we know it we run out of storage. Now that iOS 11.3 is out, this tool can be instrumental in freeing up space if you are running out of it before updating it.

iOS 11 offers offloading feature that temporarily removes the app while keeping its data to free up storage. However sometimes even this feature is not enough or feasible. For those times you should check out the iMyFone Umate iPhone Space Saver app, which allows users to clear up disk space on their iOS device in just a few clicks.

You can win iMyFone Umate iPhone Space Saver tool by sharing the event page on your social media profiles.

With iMyFone Umate Space Saver app you can free up space on your iPhone by letting the tool clear junk files from your device and deleting temporary files that can take up GBs of storage. The app is also capable of compressing photos losslessly meaning it would compress them without affecting their quality. An added benefit of using this tool is that it will speed by your iPhone and solve many software related issues that may be affecting its performance.

iMyFone Umate Space Saver for iPhone is a paid utility that costs $19.99 and is available on both macOS and Windows platforms. While you can buy the app in full price, iMyFone is offering a discount coupon that can be won through a lucky wheel game. With this offer you can even get this app for absolutely free. Each user gets 2 opportunities in which they can win discount coupons that can be used for all iMyFone products including Umate Space Saver app.

Apart from Umate Space Saver iMyFone offers plenty of other useful products that make the life of iOS users easy. One such example is there upcoming tool Tunesup that is available through pre-sale with a 50% discount coupon. With Tunesup app you can quickly clean up iTunes media, backups, software update files, repair failed iOS device detection and fix itTunes install/update and backup issues.

Tunesup is scheduled to launch in late April, so if you are interested in getting it you can signup by entering your email and avail a 50% exclusive discount.




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