iFoneTool AnyGo – Tool To Change iPhone’s GPS Location With A Single Click

Have you ever wanted to change the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad? Then this post is for you. Having the ability to spoof an iOS device’s location has many benefits. You can do it to play games and take advantage of many AR applications that require you to move or be at a specific location.

Popular games such as Pokèmon Go heavily rely on the GPS location of an iPhone and require the users to move from one place to another in order to complete missions.

If you are someone who also wants to change an iOS device’s GPS location without jailbreak on devices running iOS 16 or later, then keep reading…

Part 1: Review and features of iFoneTool AnyGo

1. What is iFoneTool AnyGo?

The iFoneTool AnyGo is a super useful tool that is available on both Windows and macOS (coming soon) computers. This tool makes it possible for iPhone and iPad users to instantly change the GPS location of their iOS devices.

With this tool, iPhone users can play location-based games like Pokèmon Go without leaving the comfort of their couch. Users can simulate GPS movement and move their iPhone’s GPS location anywhere they like.

iFoneTool AnyGo also has special features like the ability to control the iPhone’s GPS movement with the help of a joystick. Using this feature you can move your iPhone’s location along any custom path and create a realistic movement effect.

Another cool feature of this tool makes it possible for its users to collect and import popular GPX routes, which they can use at a later time.

In addition to location-based and Augmented Reality games, you can also take advantage of iFoneTool AnyGo to fake location for social apps.

It supports all Apple devices running iOS 16 or later, you can also use this tool to spoof the location of an Android 13 device.

iFoneTool AnyGo has features like Jump Teleport Movement, which lets you pick a location on the map and easily jump directly to that location.

The Two-spot Mode feature lets you move from a designated starting point to an ending point, at a specific speed of your choosing.

The Multi-Spot Feature lets you select multiple points on the map, and move the GPS location of your iPhone in that specific route at different speeds of your choosing.

Thanks to its iOS app you do not need to have a PC to change your iPhone’s location.

2. Is iFoneTool AnyGo Safe?

iFoneTool AnyGo is a safe tool. Your iPhone does not need to be jailbroken for you to use this tool. It does not allow apps to track your location. It also hides your location and does not let apps know you are using a location-changing tool.

You can also take advantage of this tool to securely access geo-restricted movies, games, and music without revealing your actual location to the service you are using.

3. Is iFoneTool AnyGo free?

iFoneTool is a paid tool and is available for purchase with a subscription model. You can get a 1-month plan of this tool for $14.99. A quarterly plan is available at a price of $29.99.

Part 3: How to use iFoneTool AnyGo tool?

Using the iFoneTool AnyGo is very easy. The good thing about this tool is that it does not require any expertise from its users. You can use iFoneTool AnyGo to change your iPhone’s GPS by following the steps below.

Step 1. First of all download iFoneTool AnyGo from iFoneTool’s official website.

Step 2. After downloading launch the tool and then connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 3. After the device has been connected to your computer you should see a map and other tools.

Using the on-screen tools you can easily change your iPhone’s location and take advantage of tools like the Teleport function, multi-spot mode, joystick movement, and more.


iFoneTool AnyGo is a useful tool for iPhone and iPad users who play location-based AR games. With this tool, you can easily enjoy your favorite games and change your device’s GPS location from the comfort of your home. In addition to games and social apps, you can also use AnyGo tool to access region-restricted content, which is an added bonus of this tool.

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