Appellancy tweak brings facial recognition based unlocking to iOS

Appellancy tweak

Over the past few years we have seen many Cydia tweaks that have surprised us with the advanced functionalities they bring to the operating system. Today, we have yet another tweak of this class that brings the fully functional facial recognition to iOS. The tweak is called Appellancy and its beta version is available for download through Cydia right now. This is not the first facial recognition tweak for iOS however it does seems more polished than the ones we have seen before.

The tweak’s beta has not been released in Cydia’s stock repositories yet, so you will have to add developer’s own repo in order to get it. We installed and used Appellancy tweak for a while and found it accurate and speedy. The tweak instantly recognizes the user’s face and gives access to the device. The face scanning literally takes a second to complete provided you are holding the device at the right angle and distance. Of course Appellancy does have some bugs and performance issues but that is expected since it is still in beta stages.

Appellancy tweak (1)

One of the best things about Appellancy tweak is that it integrates into iOS’s lockscreen without putting any graphics or buttons there. It does adds an icon on the homescreen but we reckon it will be removed when the tweak is finally released.

In order to fully protect your device and as a backup to Appellancy you can set passcode lock as well. You don’t need to enter the passcode lock if face recognition works. In case it doesn’t you can always enter the passcode key to access your iPhone or iPad.

While Appellancy tweak in its current form only features device unlock capability it has been designed to be used system-wide according to its developer. It comes with an API that other tweak developers can use to make their tweaks compatible with it.

You can download the Appellancy tweak beta for free by adding the following repo on your jailbroken device.


This beta will expire on April 1 after which the tweak will cost around $1.99.

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