ColorFlow 2 gives a fresh coat of paint to the Music app

ColorFlow 2 tweak

If you have ever used the Music app, you probably know that there is a lot of pinkish/reddish colors in the UI. While this is all fine and dandy, it can get rather boring after a while, and the white background can make it hard on the eyes at night. ColorFlow 2 is a new tweak recently released that makes the now playing screen, the lock screen (when it’s playing music), and Spotify adapt the color of the album artwork into the UI.

Once you download ColorFlow 2, the effects are immediate. Some album artwork looks nicer than others with this tweak, but they all look slick, and it gives a breath of fresh air to the Music app. As mentioned before, ColorFlow also affects the lock screen and Spotify. While I was not able to test Spotify at this time, the lock screen also looks very nice with ColorFlow. The colors also affected other glyphs I had on the lock screen, such as LockGlyph and Grabby.

The only problem I had with the tweak on the lock screen is that when tried to swipe on the screen to type in my passcode, my wallpaper was showing directly under the album art color. It would be nice if it faded, or didn’t show my wallpaper altogether.

ColorFlow 2 tweak 2

It is apparent, however, that the developer, David Goldman, paid keen attention to detail when writing this tweak. Just go to the settings panel. It shows the past 10 albums that you have listened to, and it also works with songs from Apple music. If you swipe up, you can watch the “COLORFLOW 2” text blend into the navigation bar.

ColorFlow 2 tweak 3

If customization is your thing, or just wish the Music app had more personality, you can get it for $1.99 on the BigBoss repo, or $0.99 if you bought the original ColorFlow.

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