DoubleTapToLock Tweak Lets You Lock iPhone With More Ease

DoubleTapToLock Tweak

Every iPhone and iPad user knows that the only way to lock an iOS device is by pressing its lock button. More often than not it isn’t very convenient for the user to reach the lock button, which puts them in an uncomfortable situation.

DoubleTapToLock tweak for jailbroken devices solves this problem by enabling users to lock their iPhone or iPad by simply double tapping on the home screen.

Locking the larger models of iPhone such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as iPads is more difficult than smaller devices, especially when you are using the device with one hand. That’s where the DoubleTapToLock tweak can be more handy, as it makes the process way easier and significantly reduces the chances of you dropping your iPhone.

DoubleTapToLock is a simple iOS hack and does not offer any customization options. You can install it and start locking your device by double tapping on the home screen.

You can download DoubleTapToLock tweak from the YourRepo (

It is available as a free download and works with iOS 14 and iOS 13 powred devices. All ARM64e devices are supported by this tweak.

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