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FBNoNeedMessenger removes the need of having FB Messenger installed for chat


FBNoNeedMessenger removes the need of having FB Messenger installed for chat


Facebook has been pushing a very unlikable update to its official app that forces users to install the dedicated Facebook Messenger app if they want to continue using the chat feature. This means instead of having just one Facebook app that did everything you now needlessly have to download the ‘Messenger’ separately. This move has been criticized by almost everyone but Facebook insists that it is a much faster and better of way chatting with friends. A new Cydia tweak called FBNoNeedMessenger solves this problem for social network’s users by removing this requirement.

So with this hack installed you can use the official Facebook app to chat with your online friends just like you could before. You can take advantage of app’s ‘Chat Heads’ feature in addition to every other chat related feature of the application. There are no settings to configure for this tweak as it only has one purpose. FBNoNeedMessenger fully supports the latest version of Facebook app (i.e version 13.0) and you don’t need to install the Facebook Messenger app in order to use the messenger feature.

If you find this tweak useful then make sure you don’t update your Facebook app to any upcoming version until this tweak has been updating with its support.

You can get this tweak from Cydia for free. It is available under BigBoss.

  • hambarugaga

    its not workin

  • Miranda Hardy

    its not working since i updated my facebook app

  • kent

    its not working anymore
    i think facebook has patched their app

  • Steve Lavender

    So bummed I updated my fb app. Hope someone can fix this soon.

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