FolderPlus Tweak Lets You Fully Customize iPhone’s Folders

FolderPlus tweak lets users change the background color, size, font and many other aspects of iPhone’s folder and App Library.

Folders are an important part of the iOS user experience, as they make it easier for iPhone and iPad users to organize their home screens in a better way.

Despite their importance there are very few customizations and changes that you can make to an iOS folder. Sure you can use tricks to create nameless folders and put folders in iPhone’s dock however there is plenty more that users should be able to do with them when it comes to customization.

FolderPlus tweak for jailbroken devices is here to take your folder customization game to the next level.

This tweak offers so many customization options that there’s hardly any part of folders that you cannot change with this hack.

Using FolderPlus tweak users can do fun things like changing the background color of the folder or add a custom background to it, add a custom gradient to folders, change the colors of folder icons, add borders to folders and change the color of these borders and more.

Changing colors and backgrounds is just one part of FolderPlus’s customization arsenal, as the tweak also allows users to enable custom layouts for folders and even make them full screen.

Users can also change the font and color of the folder title and make them bold. You also get several hiding options that let you hide certain elements of a folder.

FolderPlus is not limited to iOS folders, as it can also be used to customize the App Library feature. You can use it to enable borders, add border colors and add custom border width to App Library folders.

FolderPlus tweak for jailbroken iPhones is available under the Packix repo at a price of $1.19. You can download it on iOS 13 and iOS 14.

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