New tweaks: LockTate, QuartzSettings and WACallConfirm

We are back with our daily roundup of best new tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices. Today’s roundup includes the newly released LockTate, QuartzSettings and WACallConfirm tweaks. All these tweaks serve different purposes and are aimed to make the life of an iOS user easier. Continue reading to learn what these hacks actually do and how you can install them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Locktate tweak

If you fancy having the rotation feature on your iPhone’s lockscreen then LockTate tweak is here to help. Right after installation you will notice that when your device is in landscape mode the lockscreen will rotate to reflect the physical orientation of the device. LockTate is a free tweak and is available through BigBoss repo.


QuartzSettings tweak

QuartzSettings tweak lets you customize the look of the Settings app’s interface. The tweak has the ability to analyze the user’s current homescreen wallpaper and apply the dominant color to the Settings app. In addition to that users can also personalize the choice of color according to their liking. QuartzSettings is also a free tweak.


Ever since the addition of the new calling feature to the popular WhatsApp application many users have complained about accidentally tapping on the calling button that appears on top of the conversation page, and initiating the call. If you have had this problem then install the WACallConfirm tweak from Cydia. It shows a confirmation message before calling someone. The tweak is available for free.

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