OS Experience tweak for iPad becomes available for download in Cydia

OS Experience tweak (1)

Remember the OS Experience tweak for iPad we told you about last month? If you have been waiting for its launch then we have got a good news for you. The tweak has finally been released in Cydia store and is now available for download. The hack claims to bring ‘true multitasking to iPad’. It allows users to experience the desktop like window-based experience on their iPad complete with the ability to use multiple apps at the same time. Along with bringing the window based multitasking to iPad, OS Experience also features a mission control like app switcher that enables the users to run different apps in separate pages.

The mission control like app switcher features the live previews, which let users know whats happening in any app at the moment just as the default app switcher’s preview cards of iOS 7. You can move any windows around, resize it, make it full screen or close it by tapping on the ‘X’ button

OS Experience tweak (2)

OS Experience has been inspired by OS X and truly brings part of the Mac experience to the tablet. The tweak seems quite polished and the developer has taken his time to perfect every aspect of it before releasing it to public, which is always a good sign.

You can download OS Experience for $9.99 on your iOS 7 powered iPad. It supports both iPad mini and larger iPad models.

The $9.99 price point may seem a bit too much to many users and it probably is but the kind of functionality this tweak adds to the iPad is quite unique and make the device even more useful for users who have fancied to have this kind of functionality.

Watch OS Experience in action in the video below.

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          2. Awwww thank you.

            Cydia# 465023535

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          3. is there a demo to see if u like it. plz let me know cause it looks colol and want to try it b4 spending $10

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