Rollectra Lets You Semi-Restore Jailbroken iOS 11 Back To Stock

Remember Semi-Restore? The super handy tool made it possible for jailbreak users to uninstall Cydia and installed tweaks, effectively returning iOS to its stock state. While original Semi Restore tool was not updated to support iOS 11, jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd has released Rollectra, which is basically Semi-Restore for iOS 11.

Using Rollectra tool, which can be directly downloaded on a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch through Cydia, you can revert all changes made to your device by the Electra jailbreak tool. This means Cydia will be uninstalled from your iPhone, all tweaks you downloaded will be uninstalled, jailbreak related user data will be removed and iOS permissions will be fixed.

Rollectra is a useful tool as it enables jailbreak users to remove jailbreak from there devices without having to restore iOS, and losing chance of jailbreaking again. It is ideal tool for those who are having troubles with their device and want to temporarily return to stock iOS and even those who want to send the device to Apple for repairs.

As mentioned earlier, unlike the Semi-Restore tool that was a desktop application, you can download Rollectra on your iPhone or iPad through Cydia’s Packix repository ( After installing it all you have to do is launch the tool and then tap on the ‘Unjailbreak’ button. It works on all iOS 11 devices that have been jailbroken using Electra.

Note: If you use Rollectra and your device gets stuck on booting after running the tool, simply hard reset your iPhone and let the tool proceed.
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