SafariSearchHider tweak prevents certain sites and searches from getting saved

SafariSearchHider tweak

iOS Safari allows users to browse the internet privately or in incognito mode, however switching back and forth between modes can be annoying. The new SafariSearchHider tweak is a powerful hack for jailbroken iOS devices, which allows users to specify certain website extensions and search strings, that are never saved in Safari’s history, no matter which mode is active at the moment. This makes the life of the user easier as he or she does not have to turn private mode on repeatedly or delete their history.

With SafariSearchHider user can enter a regex string or wildcard in order to exempt it from getting saved in history. For example you can create a regex string ‘(panda|fox).*(gif|png|jpg)’ in tweak’s preference page. Entering this string will make sure Safari does save any item that is related to a picture of panda or a fox in its history.

What’s even more useful is you can set wildcard strings to exempt them from getting saved. For example, if you enter the string ‘http://*.gov’, this would prevent any .gov websites from getting saved in history. You can replace ‘.gov’ in this string with any URL extension you want to exempt.

SafariSearchHider tweak is available in Cydia for free through the BigBoss repo.

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